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translation of 'proportionate '
अनुपातिक बनाना,
सदृश बनाना
A presidential council would be formed whose membership would be 'proportionate' to the majority Greek population.
We believe this is 'proportionate' and consistent with the responses to our own research into what parents wanted.
Military action was neither 'proportionate' nor the last resort.
He explained that if you catch a small shark and confine it, it will stay a size 'proportionate' to the aquarium.
Their immediate emotional response is often 'proportionate' to the degree of exposure to the trauma.
Moreover, she says, increased output was seldom matched by a 'proportionate' increase in wages.
The campaign will be 'proportionate' and just, legally accountable and supported by international consensus.
In fact, I would be supportive of reasonable and 'proportionate' measures to sustain and promote it.
The adult fish attains a length of three feet and 'proportionate' weight normally and has a life span of 20 years.
If she exceeds that, there will be a 'proportionate' cut in the payment.
In this context and as stated, punishment must be 'proportionate' to the circumstances of the crime.
Unfortunately, a 'proportionate' increase in the number of my least favourite motorists appears also to have occurred.
For the middle class, its income has not shown a 'proportionate' upward trend.
Are you happy that sanctions are appropriate, are 'proportionate' ?
What we are good at is 'proportionate' to how much time we put into it.
So the Agency's approach to participation was 'proportionate' and it is on those grounds that we submit there should be two sets of costs.
In my submission, that is the 'proportionate' and reasonable approach here.
The measures taken would have to be 'proportionate' to the threat.
But this decisive response must be careful and intelligent and 'proportionate' .
There has to be uniformity in the monthly charges, which should be 'proportionate' to what a consumer gets to watch.
In a small force, especially one with an excessive turnover of personnel, this base will be 'proportionately' very large.
She added that less well-off households, who spend 'proportionately' more on groceries, stood to benefit most.
It is likely to be 'proportionately' higher compared with the private sector due to fundamental differences in capital structure.
The rich would still pay more tax, but not 'proportionately' more.
But that day will not come until young people are 'proportionately' represented within the party.
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