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Olesky faces prosecution on charges he spied for Russian intelligence
the institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.
the network's prosecution of its commercial ends
the continuation of a course of action with a view to its completion.
translation of 'prosecution'
He could be both a victim and a witness for the 'prosecution' at such a trial.
It moves the onus of proof from the defendant to the 'prosecution' , as recommended by public health experts.
At trial, the 'prosecution' called a number of remand witnesses to give evidence.
That is the way in which the 'prosecution' conducted its case and it is the way in which her Honour summed up to the jury.
The five traders caught in the first sweep are currently being interviewed with a view to 'prosecution' .
Companies have been warned that they could be liable to 'prosecution' if employees use their property to pirate music.
Underpayments will have to be back-paid to employees or employers face 'prosecution' .
the organizers are facing 'prosecution' for noise nuisance
The defendant has the right to call witnesses and to cross-examine any witness called by the 'prosecution' .
The 'prosecution' alleged that failing to discharge their roles had contributed to the four deaths.
The 'prosecution' follows a project carried out by the council's trading standards office last August.
Again the driver was offered a chance to go on the course rather than face 'prosecution' .
The onus is on the 'prosecution' to show cause why bail should be denied because the person lacks mental capacity.
Olesky faces 'prosecution' on charges he spied for Russian intelligence
They are frequently of great importance both to the 'prosecution' and to the defence in the conduct of the trial.
The 'prosecution' , of course, says that this is just a case of the hair breaking in half.
He warned that those which continued to serve out of hours could face 'prosecution' and possible closure.
the BBC's 'prosecution' of its commercial ends
It could be used in court at an application for a parenting order or during a 'prosecution' for truancy.
The 'prosecution' chose this course rather than have her video played to the jury.
Once he had raised this issue the 'prosecution' was obliged to disprove it if they were to secure a conviction.
Did the prosecutor at trial ever indicate a reason for not calling him as a witness for the 'prosecution' ?
Such clauses need not prevent the 'prosecution' of meritorious suits.
the main witness for the 'prosecution'
Businesses without a new licence in August face 'prosecution' if they continue to trade.
In that case the court had before it not only the privileged material but the 'prosecution' 's response to it.
Whether the 'prosecution' proceed with that retrial is a matter for their judgment.
In this court that waiting room is only for the witnesses of the 'prosecution' .
The threat that hung over those who did not apply was that they might face future 'prosecution' .
My submission on that would be it is a duty upon the 'prosecution' to ensure the indictment is in proper form.
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