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The county prosecutor is a public official, but he called these people animals and thugs.
a person, especially a public official, who institutes legal proceedings against someone.
translation of 'prosecutor'
The 'prosecutor' 's office said his mother identified the body the same day.
The group pledged funding to the state 'prosecutor' 's office to help it to track down the killers.
He added that the list of universities has been handed over to the 'prosecutor' 's office.
The 'prosecutor' said the defendant told police he had bought the pistol from a model shop, to shoot rats in his back yard.
The verdicts and sentences were announced outside the courtroom by the 'prosecutor' and defence lawyers.
Secondly, the judge, the 'prosecutor' , his lawyer and myself all have the cellular phone record.
He makes it sound like the kind of thing that a 'prosecutor' would want to prosecute.
So where is the line over which either a judge or a 'prosecutor' cannot step?
The Paris 'prosecutor' 's office said it was closing the file into his death as a result of the police conclusions.
The 'prosecutor' added the defendant had previous convictions, mostly for dishonesty.
The prosecutor would not be in contempt of court if the 'prosecutor' did not proceed with the indictment.
They will come before the judge and the state 'prosecutor' accompanied by their lawyers.
He said that his role was as a 'prosecutor' and ‘he wanted to prosecute’ if at all possible.
The county 'prosecutor' is a public official, but he called these people animals and thugs.
the 'prosecutor' rose to give the opening address
It was like a 'prosecutor' and a defense lawyer, and it was kind of this adversarial process.
People don't even understand what the role of a 'prosecutor' is, or the role of a defence lawyer is.
The 'prosecutor' earlier asked the court to sentence David to four years in jail.
Such proceedings are intended by the 'prosecutor' to culminate in a confiscation order.
These are not the sorts of cases where 'prosecutorial' discretion naturally disfavors prosecution.
He said 'prosecutors' were opening a criminal investigation into possible negligence.
After the mandatory training, they will become judges, 'prosecutors' , or lawyers.
The plaintiff claims that the lack of disclosure demonstrates maliciousness on the part of the investigative and 'prosecutorial' defendants.
Government 'prosecutors' issued warrants for the arrest of five leading bank union officials.
As soon as he leaves office, 'prosecutors' can call him to the dock.
The French government has asked 'prosecutors' to open a preliminary manslaughter inquiry.
She said she was lucky because state 'prosecutors' advised the court to reject the case.
This includes the judges, 'prosecutors' and defence lawyers, who are all military officers.
Government 'prosecutors' will now seek warrants for the arrest of the nine strike leaders.
However, he did not respond to the summons and did not appear at the offices of the 'prosecutors' .
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