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The protagonist of Conrad's novel undergoes a drastic change in response to his environment, common only to that specific time period.
the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.
translation of 'protagonist '
कथा या नाटक का प्रधान पुस्र्ष,
The 'protagonist' of Conrad's novel undergoes a drastic change in response to his environment, common only to that specific time period.
The 'protagonist' of Hemingway's novel, Jake Barnes, is impotent.
He had played the 'protagonist' , Ahab, in the 1956 film version.
he's a strenuous 'protagonist' of the new agricultural policy
The inspector is not always right, and is often as exasperated and confused as any noir 'protagonist' .
This is your second novel to feature a male 'protagonist' .
The film's 'protagonist' , George, considers his life a failure.
Which would be the book's 'protagonist' , Priscilla or Arthur?
In nearly every one of your novels, the 'protagonist' is either unable to have a child or loses one.
the hard-boiled 'protagonist' of the movie Blade Runner
the novel's main 'protagonist' is an American intelligence officer
a strenuous 'protagonist' of the new agricultural policy
How might we compare the 'protagonists' in the current debate about marriage with those in the earlier one?
The chief objective in recording such details is to map the main 'protagonists' in news reporting in an area and to begin to reveal some of the mechanics involved in the production of information for public consumption.
As an expert in the Soviet Union, he was much in demand and he was generous with his knowledge and insights, both of which had been honed by long hours of study into primary documents and discussion with the main 'protagonists' .
It's the day after the failed wedding, and the two main 'protagonists' are dealing with things in rather contrasting ways.
He is doing a feature film on speech codes and political correctness on campus, with interviews directly from the 'protagonists' in the various situations he investigated.
It was also unclear what type of relationship existed between the main 'protagonists' in the rebellion.
He claims that political reconciliation is at hand if only the main 'protagonists' would arrive at some common interpretation of the document to which they signed up.
She also wrote several novels with mixed-race 'protagonists' .
It was a quite important issue, and I thank Mr Peck, because he came up with the idea of bringing the 'protagonists' and the antagonists into a debate situation to really get to the nitty-gritty of it.
The 'protagonists' in the GM crop debate tend to overlook either good or bad aspects of GM crops in agriculture.
It opened dramatically, with a huge sheet of dark polythene reshaping itself from sea, to chiefs, to land and then figures of the Treaty 'protagonists' .
However sources close to the five main 'protagonists' have all confirmed their involvement.
Such is his dedication to the job that he actually went along to both cup semi-finals to bone himself up on the main 'protagonists' .
His approach is not to hero-worship the main 'protagonists' , but to show the struggle of human beings in a historical context.
The socializing of men, undertaken by females, is central to her novels, but her 'protagonists' frequently refuse the task.
Her novels introduce strong female 'protagonists' , usually African American, and characters of many colors.
Aside from the main 'protagonists' , how many voters have a clear idea of how ‘Corngate’ occurred and what it meant?
The pressure of the Premiership survival fight took its toll on two of the main 'protagonists' in a hot-tempered first half at Goodison Park.
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