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a provocative article
causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately.
translation of 'provocative'
भड़काने वाली,
भड़काने वाला,
उकसाने वाला,
उकसाने वाली
How is such a rewritten text disturbing, interesting, assaultive, 'provocative' ?
Leading on from this, the article turns 'provocative' when it addresses English and the vexed matter of case.
When I opened them a tall, brunette woman in a 'provocative' green dress stood before me.
I was very pleased to be asked to comment on the engaging and 'provocative' articles in this volume.
In the interwar period there was little more 'provocative' in the arts than a woman in command, celebrating the eroticism of the body.
During that time they managed to be thoughtful, 'provocative' and, heavens above, interesting.
Underneath his carping about 'provocative' dress is a jealous and irrational partner.
Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Hedy Lamarr were the 'provocative' , sensual kind.
The FBU believe that the government is being deliberately 'provocative' , and it is difficult not to share the view.
On a wide range of issues he has penned important and 'provocative' academic articles.
It is passionate yet considered, 'provocative' yet clearly reasoned - and gave me much food for thought.
Of course, politics could and should be made more accessible, interesting, 'provocative' .
The Passionate Eye airs 'provocative' documentaries on leading social and political issues of the day.
Let me change the subject away from race, to Leroi's 'provocative' remarks about beauty and deformity.
Glasgow is not the first place where the Ipswich band's deliberately 'provocative' clothing has caused outrage.
In fact, cultures that frown upon eye contact as sexually 'provocative' may have a point.
I feel fairly sure that your article was deliberately 'provocative' .
She's especially lucky in regards to the film's 'provocative' treatment of sexuality.
To be deliberately 'provocative' , I asked him to call this period the Toronto new wave.
We value good writing, as we value controversial and 'provocative' ideas, for their own sake.
Anything deemed to be too sexy, 'provocative' , or disrespectful would be denied.
Two distinct reasons are offered for this deliberately 'provocative' conclusion.
It is sexy and glamorous like a rose bouquet, and 'provocative' and intense!
The 'provocative' swimwear became a symbol of a Coast offering sun, surf, warmth and excitement.
We don't know whether it is, but it is a highly controversial and 'provocative' book.
These essays provide a variety of interesting, 'provocative' perspectives on science in Canada.
British officials strongly advised against the move, warning that it could be seen as 'provocative' or even insulting.
In 1989 and 1990 there was a spate of 'provocative' articles on the country's past.
Nambisan's on a roll; he also has a 'provocative' article on the ethics of sting operations.
The effect of 'provocative' bra ads on billboards may well be just as arousing as that of Desmond's Celebrity Babes.
Dark and provocative, Taslima Nasrin's latest memoir a tribute to Kolkata (Book Review)
Slaughtering of calf in public shameful, provocative: Prasad
PM should reflect as to who uses harsh, provocative language: Congress
Assam CM warns against provocative statements on NRC
Chidambaram's remarks against Ram temple, Patel provocative: BJP
TRENDING: France honours its most provocative author
TN BJP leaders seek arrest of speaker over provocative remarks
Tripura CM's remarks 'provocative', may breach peace: AAP
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