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मानसिक रोगों का
a psychiatric disorder
of or relating to mental illness or its treatment.
translation of 'psychiatric'
मनो-चिकित्‍सा संबंधी
मानसिक रोगों की चिकित्सा-संबंधी,
मानसिक रोगों का
In other cases the appropriate 'psychiatric' diagnostic category is a somatoform disorder.
He was currently unemployable and had received 'psychiatric' treatment for depression.
A 'psychiatric' patient may have died as part of a suicide pact with another patient, an inquest heard.
Mr Weston has a 'psychiatric' history and was receiving daily treatment for schizophrenia.
Except for suffering from a 'psychiatric' disorder, the patients were generally healthy.
He was taken more or less at birth from his mother, who was by then a patient in a 'psychiatric' hospital.
His injuries have forced him to take early retirement and he now receives 'psychiatric' treatment.
No doubt a well-timed 'psychiatric' referral of a suicidal patient can sometimes save a life.
No severe 'psychiatric' illness was observed except for one patient with schizophrenia.
In free societies only 'psychiatric' patients are routinely treated against their will.
In high functioning autism the risk of 'psychiatric' disorders is also increased.
'psychiatric' illness
Hutchins is on remand in a secure 'psychiatric' unit while doctors assess his mental condition.
He has rarely competed this season and is receiving 'psychiatric' treatment for depression.
It emerged that Sharpe had a history of mental instability and had had 'psychiatric' treatment.
He had a history of 'psychiatric' problems and was on medication for manic depression.
She was also interested in family planning and coping with 'psychiatric' disorders.
An inquiry is standard practice in cases when a 'psychiatric' patient has killed someone.
He was accused of smoking cannabis on tour and once ended up in a 'psychiatric' ward after an emotional breakdown.
Faughey lived in the care home next door but one and had been receiving 'psychiatric' treatment.
'psychiatric' hospital
Compulsory admission to a secure facility for 'psychiatric' treatment may be necessary.
Research shows that the course of the illness is worsened by ‘expressed emotion,’ a measure of attitudes expressed by a caregiver relative to a 'psychiatrically' ill patient.
Our colleagues may not be identifying their 'psychiatrically' ill patients in their practice as they ought to, because when they do, they have no place to send them.
There have been no studies examining treatment responses in 'psychiatrically' ill Ecstasy users, and the risks of using psychiatric medications in these patients are unknown.
After the reaction is over, the patient should be examined 'psychiatrically' and only discharged when his mental status has returned to normal.
The problem is how to get the 'psychiatrically' ill person to see the psychiatrist.
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