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सजा दे
I have done wrong and I'm being punished for it
inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offense, especially a transgression of a legal or moral code.
a punishing eight-city book tour
physically and mentally demanding; arduous.
translation of 'punishing'
दण्ड देना,
सज़ा देना
At the starter's pistol, LaBuff, 23, immediately set a 'punishing' early pace.
He is insatiable in the quest for honours - often putting himself through a 'punishing' schedule.
Despite his accomplishments, Andrew Carnegie will always be most remembered for 'punishing' labor.
Getting shipshape in the New Year doesn't have to be 'punishing' or expensive.
Veteran coach Robert Waseige, who had heart surgery earlier this year, put his squad through a 'punishing' schedule.
The obvious antidote is not taking on such 'punishing' workloads.
To support her family, Ratcliffe plunged into a 'punishing' work schedule.
Running 10 miles in a cross chop is 'punishing' in any boat.
Skinner also used a second type of 'punishing' stimulus called the bar slap.
In the winter, Kathy follows a 'punishing' routine of heavy weight training with the help of personal trainer Mike Smith.
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