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the purposeful stride of a great lawyer
having or showing determination or resolve.
translation of 'purposeful'
अर्थ पूर्ण
जान-बूझकर किया हुआ,
They walked in the blazing noonday sun with a new 'purposeful' stride.
It was noticeable that when Phillips, still the pupil, came to that fence, it was surer, the stride more 'purposeful' , the energy of youth omnipotent.
The 'purposeful' stride of a child-protagonist is shown largely through a close-up of his feet.
Her father's face was a crimson colour with his hands held in fists at his sides, and her mother was walking 'purposeful' strides towards her.
The bombing was a planned, 'purposeful' attack, while the Port Authority was at most negligent in failing to defend its property more carefully.
In fact, these disclosures were significantly more likely to be 'purposeful' , which was defined as the intentional and deliberate report of abuse.
Emotions like grief, fear and despair are 'purposeful' and useful - if we know how to listen to them.
But it would be more correct to say that our consciousness and 'purposeful' behavior results from such natural behavior of energy systems.
At the age of 35 he continues to cover the ground with a 'purposeful' stride.
Turning, he walked down the hall with long 'purposeful' strides.
His sprightly frame is totally erect with not a hint of a stoop and his quick stride and 'purposeful' gait would put men half his age to shame.
Scientists have long been fascinated by ants because of the extraordinary way they organise themselves into colonies that display 'purposeful' activity.
Without conscious thought and 'purposeful' efforts to hold everything in balance, Americans have always somehow succeeded in doing just that.
These killings are planned, 'purposeful' , and remorseless.
The state calculated the amount of 'purposeful' underpayment by Chevron to be $13.5 million over the thirteen years and the jury agreed.
He takes the stage with a stride that's 'purposeful' , elegant, even serene, befitting a Californian who seriously loves surfing, martial arts and fast cars.
Learning carpentry, on the other hand, involves 'purposeful' activity and experimentation, a kind of learning that is beyond verbalization.
The term ‘spectator’ as that word is understood in its ordinary sense in context with the statutory terms, is a 'purposeful' , knowing or intentional observer of an event.
Remembering may be a spontaneous or 'purposeful' activity.
Are some lives, the question essentially goes, to be considered less valuable, less meaningful, less 'purposeful' and hence less worthy of society's protection than others?
The relentless sun beating down, our initially 'purposeful' stride declines to a sporadic meander as we ascend the steps.
In smaller nursing homes, where low profit margins do not allow the employment of full multidisciplinary teams, patients are subjected to little 'purposeful' activity.
If the situation arose through that person's purposeful negligence, however, then he is considered a 'purposeful' wrongdoer.
This is determined by the central place the means and methods occupy in the structure of people's meaningful and 'purposeful' activity.
Every move was deliberate and 'purposeful' , almost as if she were executing some sort of martial art act.
The conclusion examines the tensions between the idea of strategy as 'purposeful' direction/plan of action and as a zone of complexity.
But Kinamori was not fooled by his 'purposeful' stride; rather she became tense with fear and suspicion.
Moments later, however, he was once again walking in that slow 'purposeful' stride toward the woods.
It keeps people busy with useful, 'purposeful' work, and that's a good way to form a team.
We celebrate because through Jesus Christ we gain access to not just heaven, but to a 'purposeful' and meaningful relationship with Almighty God.
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