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चार साल का
Leap years are quadrennial , like the Olympics or the World Cup.
recurring every four years.
translation of 'quadrennial'
प्रत्येक चौथे वर्ष होनेवाला,
चार साल का
In the 'quadrennial' election year 2000, the Democrats nominated President Clinton's vice-president, Albert Gore Jr.
The 'quadrennial' presidential contests have offered, across the past 40 years, a relentlessly shrinking menu.
Lobrano's soft-spoken Southern manner belies the 'quadrennial' frenzy that swamps her office each competition year.
He is reportedly planning to attend the 'quadrennial' soccer tournament's opening ceremony May 31 in Seoul as well.
My church denomination, The United Methodist Church, met in its 'quadrennial' General Conference in May of 2004.
In Israel, the 'quadrennial' Maccabiah Games showcases the continued Jewish love of basketball.
The award will be presented formally at the ICN 22nd 'quadrennial' congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2001.
This year, the 'quadrennial' tournament is back in the United States.
The Pacific island nation Kiribati, the newest addition to the Olympic family, made its debut in the 'quadrennial' event.
Nonetheless, a purity of sorts still remains, evident in the heavy anticipation of the 'quadrennial' event.
Shame 2000 is hosted at unolympics.com and will be updated throughout the three weeks of the 'quadrennial' sports event.
This already heated debate over NUP will almost certainly boil over in July at the AFECIO's 'quadrennial' convention.
Do it here, at this 'quadrennial' test of body and spirit, and you're in.
On November 2, the United States will hold its 'quadrennial' presidential election.
It has many species; some are annual, some biennial, some 'quadrennial' and some fourteen - yearly flowering.
Initially the 'quadrennial' affair was scheduled to take place in 1940 but World War II intervened.
Measured through national championships and Olympic glory, certain schools are linked with 'quadrennial' success.
‘Like all our swimmers, Maggie is on a 'quadrennial' plan,’ Marsh said.
The top three boxers in the flyweight division automatically qualified for the 'quadrennial' event in Sydney in September.
It represented a first for Thailand and the 'quadrennial' event featured more than 20,000 participants.
Leap years are 'quadrennial' , like the Olympics or the World Cup.
The first four documents are updated 'quadrennially' , with the fifth being updated biennially.
It was coordinated 'quadrennially' with competitions in Varna, Moscow, and Helsinki.
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