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it is questionable whether any of these exceptions is genuine
doubtful as regards truth or quality.
translation of 'questionable'
When non-random methods of sampling are employed, external validity becomes 'questionable' .
It is very 'questionable' whether either the farmer or consumer has got true value for this investment.
The assumption that Social Darwinism delivers more social freedom is 'questionable' .
He eventually put his 'questionable' formative training to good use.
How many of those would exercise their new right is 'questionable' .
It is now 'questionable' whether the committee will continue its investigation at all.
But at times it was 'questionable' whether he was doing more harm than good to the innings.
Lowry's record is 'questionable' when it comes to statements concerning his finances.
It is 'questionable' whether cardiovascular end points are adequately ascertained in those studies.
That is not to imply for a second that he has done anything 'questionable' .
Not only was her action a breach of her visa but was highly unethical and morally 'questionable' .
The problem area is depiction of 'questionable' behaviour and acts by artists.
Police say it is 'questionable' whether Leeds has a bigger problem than other cities.
But one or two 'questionable' editorial decisions overshadowed good work elsewhere in the paper.
It is a view which may be inconsistent, it may be morally 'questionable' and even plain wrong.
Some of the lead character's decisions are 'questionable' and he's certainly no hero.
It is also highly 'questionable' whether strict liability leads to a higher standard of care.
It is 'questionable' whether those benefits will transfer to the west and north west of the Republic.
Itself a capricious act, it was only one of several 'questionable' departures.
I do remember that my sister and I were involved in somewhat 'questionable' activities.
Therefore, it is 'questionable' whether functional proteins are expressed from this region.
They also had to be willing to engage in a morally suspect and legally 'questionable' act.
Thus the claims of Paul and subsequent tsars to a divine right to rule were based on a very 'questionable' past.
If he had stayed on in South Africa, it is 'questionable' whether he would have had the opportunities to develop.
Michael James was a president of 'questionable' character, but a wow as a personality.
They will help, but it is 'questionable' whether they will turn the tide.
Justice Kennedy fretted that building a business on this was morally 'questionable' , which is also true.
The clubs have a history of 'questionable' medical tactics in dealing with each other.
He's made points that are highly 'questionable' instead of homing in on the real issue.
It would be remarkable if there were no 'questionable' deals in his past.
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