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a luxuriant, dense forest rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall.
The project features an interpretive signage pathway within the 'rainforest' parkland.
'rainforest' plants
As we trudged through the dense 'rainforest' we spotted several species of birds and pitcher plants.
The 'rainforest' trek begins on November 4 in a national park to the north of Brasilia, the capital city.
Gardenias are tropical 'rainforest' plants, so do not like to be planted in a full sun environment.
Several kilometres away, a pair of hunters made their way through a temperate 'rainforest' .
By cutting down the 'rainforest' you are destroying an entire ecosystem of both plants and animals.
Eurycoma longifolia is a 'rainforest' plant that has a long history of use as a medicinal herb.
tracts of 'rainforest'
Light can be blinding on the high altitude salt flats, or dense and green in the 'rainforest' .
Over the past 30 years, the world has lost fully a fifth of all biodiverse tropical 'rainforests' .
The drop in global temperature also reduces the tropical 'rainforests' in the Amazon Basin to small ribbons running along the rivers.
After travelling out from the capital city, Caracas, they prepared to enter the humid tropical 'rainforests' that cover the country.
Made up of dense 'rainforests' , and barren plateaus, it provided the extreme conditions necessary for good combat training.
They are primarily forest birds and live in 'rainforests' of tropical Asia and Africa.
Its 'rainforests' have never been cleared for timber or replaced with sugar plantations.
Nature buffs will appreciate the lush 'rainforests' and the Misty Fjords National Monument.
Lions can also live, with wider ranges, in most habitats except in tropical 'rainforests' and in deserts.
These birds inhabit coastal 'rainforests' and wooded areas where they can easily fly, hop or climb from tree to tree.
In nature, orchids usually use trees as an anchor for support, often growing in areas with very high rainfall, such as 'rainforests' .
The small area of tropical 'rainforests' has such a profusion of endemic species that most of them were placed on the World Heritage list in the 1980s.
Imagine the Scottish moors with temperate 'rainforests' and sinuous rivers, and you have Tasmania.
TRENDING: Heavy rain turns a Brazilian rainforest into eerily stunning underwater park
Amazon rainforest registers record deforestation in June
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