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shoes were rationed from 1943
allow each person to have only a fixed amount of (a particular commodity).
1918 saw the bread ration reduced on two occasions
a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, as in wartime.
translation of 'ration'
रसद देना,
राशन देना
All milking females are fed the same 'ration' and no allowances is made for stage of lactation.
Waiting for services becomes the only way to 'ration' the supply.
For example, it significantly reduced 'ration' and fuel costs through consolidated contracting and distribution.
We have already had a good 'ration' of shocks or surprises in this year's Championship and you can be certain we'll have some more.
They were fed on a simple 'ration' of barley, sugar beet pulp, soya and minerals.
Slave families typically received a scant weekly 'ration' of cornmeal and fatty pork.
He urged processors to bring in a subsidy on 'ration' to help farmers' meet extra feed costs.
He remembers his shock in the infant class when he was expected to work with the tiniest 'ration' of clay he had ever seen.
Smith went through his 'ration' of nine overs in one go for 2-29, his second success being with the assistance of a splendid low catch on the boundary by Dave Ellis.
1947 saw the bread 'ration' reduced
Sweets had gone on 'ration' in 1939, along with sugar and most other food and clothing items.
A more lively character would be hard to meet and, once again, on her brief visit to Ireland, Stephanie insisted on her 'ration' of set dancing!
There's a crunchy 'ration' of grit tracked in to the hall and kitchen now, joining with the Dolly-fluff to show just how very bad I am at routine vacuuming.
But just because I don't want to deal with the blood and tears doesn't mean I shouldn't deal with them, and last night I was caught off guard and absorbed a large 'ration' of both.
In fact, we've had a good 'ration' of bright sunny days.
Cold showers, self-denial and a daily 'ration' of physical discomfort were de rigueur and considered character forming.
They came out dry and floury, like something one would expect from a wartime 'ration' .
1918 saw the bread 'ration' reduced on two occasions
"We need to 'ration' health resources, " she said.
However, we couldn't stay long as Mrs Mungo gulped down her 'ration' of six dry sherries far too quickly.
All I needed now was a succession of day-return rail tickets and a comfortable 'ration' of rest days.
Just as well Harry and Dolly don't mind an extra 'ration' of snoring.
their daily 'ration' of fresh air
Back in the barracks, Ivan Denisovich hides a portion of his bread 'ration' inside his mattress.
So the refugees are having to swap some of their meager food 'ration' for other vital supplies that they are not given.
Cows are fed a total mixed 'ration' and those yielding over 25 litres are fed concentrates in the parlour.
holidaymakers who like a generous 'ration' of activity
For instance, at Kyoto the USA cut a deal of dubious morality, politely called ‘emission trading’, to buy from Third World countries their unused 'ration' of pollution.
Food, previously supplied on 'ration' , is scarce and expensive.
He bursts into laughter as he recalls the time a soldier from Liverpool accidentally dropped his bread 'ration' into the soup.
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