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the authorities put down a rebellion by landless colonials
an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler.
translation of 'rebellion'
Simon de Montfort rose in 'rebellion'
Kelly seems to have conceived what became his last stand as an act of mutinous 'rebellion' and mass murder.
the authorities put down a 'rebellion' by landless colonials
The characters that fitted it best were outsiders, in 'rebellion' against authority or their families.
Early in his life, he had converted to Catholicism, as a kind of teenage act of 'rebellion' .
Even the engagement was an act of fierce 'rebellion' and shunning of anachronistic traditions.
But they are also more able to channel their feelings into acts of 'rebellion' .
To suggest that teenage 'rebellion' is a modern phenomenon is just plain wrong, Ruth says.
In a fit of teenage 'rebellion' , I had told God to get out of my life and leave me alone.
For a few seconds, sneaking into the bar wearing dirty jeans and flip-flops seemed like an act of 'rebellion' .
All good teenage 'rebellion' rejects rational thought but needs an excuse for that rage.
an act of teenage 'rebellion'
It was an act of 'rebellion' against the rigid strictures of both the contemporary social mores and the strict code of ballet.
the authorities put down a 'rebellion' by landless colonials
For example, any questioning of authority is treated as 'rebellion' , and not trusting.
When this is a choice made against knowledge it becomes a serious act of 'rebellion' .
an act of teenage 'rebellion'
So as an act of pitiful 'rebellion' against the fact that I even have to be at work, I'm refusing to turn the office lights on.
For these dogs, there is no such thing as betrayal or 'rebellion' , only loyalty.
Perhaps we should turn to other forms of 'rebellion' , such as rock 'n' roll.
After all, let's not pretend that all worthwhile pop music has always been about generational 'rebellion' .
This is now past teenage 'rebellion' where you thought your mother was the worst person in the world.
The following films deal with 'rebellion' against arbitrary or repressive authority.
the Bretons rose in 'rebellion' against the King
So instead, I am planning to stage my own little acts of social 'rebellion' throughout the day.
It shows the reasons for what would seem at first sight to be mindless vandalism, but are in fact little acts of 'rebellion' .
Otherwise, you're going to get one of the great historic 'rebellions' among working Americans.
The result was a series of 'rebellions' in schools that opted to forbid the practice, leading to the expulsion of some girls.
Add in the new rebels from last week's 'rebellions' , and in the last six months alone you are up to 62 Labour MPs who have already defied their whips.
Surviving monuments in Glasgow and Edinburgh to crushed colonial 'rebellions' show a pride in the Scots' own brutal contribution to colonial rule.
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