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Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, embedded dirt and toxins, and stimulates the skin, making it receptive to the nutrient-rich facial mask that should follow.
able or willing to receive something, especially signals or stimuli.
translation of 'receptive'
आशुग्राही मेघावी
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, embedded dirt and toxins, and stimulates the skin, making it 'receptive' to the nutrient-rich facial mask that should follow.
We watched both 'receptive' and unreceptive females.
But were foresters, or for that matter loggers, 'receptive' to this idea?
Clearly the recent rains had left their mark as fairways were still wet and greens very 'receptive' and the scores were good, though not brilliant.
You are 'receptive' to new ideas and intuitive in relationships.
By blocking or scrambling messages from females, he may be keeping competing males from realizing that a 'receptive' female is nearby.
In most mammals the female is only 'receptive' to sex at certain times (when she is most likely to get pregnant).
Infants may seem to be sleeping most of the time, but they're far more intelligent and 'receptive' than most adults imagine.
A 'receptive' female responds by swimming in a tight circle, exposing her abdomen and facilitating insemination.
Although the mice mated normally with 'receptive' female mice, the females did not become pregnant.
When a 'receptive' female comes along, however, it's every bull for himself.
So far the government has proved 'receptive' to the idea.
Considerable flowering asynchrony among fig trees in any population increases the likelihood that a fig wasp emerging at any time of year will be able to locate a 'receptive' fig.
When searching for 'receptive' females, males patrol around the habitat and stop to drum on the dry uppermost leaves on the ground.
Our President, it is said, simply wasn't 'receptive' to this idea.
During the mating season, males drum while wandering around the habitat searching for 'receptive' females, which are more stationary than are males.
We have sought to respond to their concerns and have been 'receptive' to new ideas and theories put forward by them.
His ideas found a 'receptive' audience in literate circles from Lisbon to Moscow, and they supply a convenient starting place for an examination of European political systems.
Some ministers are known to be 'receptive' to the idea of tolls, provided they are only applied to new roads.
Adult females become 'receptive' to male advances only in years when they have stored enough body fat to bear a litter.
I think it helps them become better musicians because they are more 'receptive' to different musical ideas.
She says people are very 'receptive' to this idea.
The mating ritual begins when the male visits 'receptive' females.
If other group members appraise him as a creative type, they are likely to be a 'receptive' audience for his ideas, and he should fit into the group harmoniously.
Thus, downwind males could be located higher in the vegetation to increase their chances of intercepting a pheromone plume and locating a 'receptive' female.
Male African lions perform this maneuver when they consort with a 'receptive' female, herding her in the desired direction.
Their motivation for the series is to expand its audience among the theater-going public, which is not always 'receptive' to new ideas.
People are open and 'receptive' to timely suggestions on what to drink.
He attempts to settle his mother into the nursing home, but finds that her old friends aren't quite so 'receptive' to the idea.
If females were unable to convey this important mating and location information, males would not know which females were 'receptive' or where to find them.
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