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Let's work out our problem using the reciprocal of the numerator fraction.
a mathematical expression or function so related to another that their product is one; the quantity obtained by dividing the number one by a given quantity.
In English, we often omit the ‘each other’, but in Italian, when the action is shared among two or more people and re-directed amongst them, then the reciprocal should be used.
a pronoun or verb expressing mutual action or relationship, e.g., each other , fight.
she was hoping for some reciprocal comment or gesture
given, felt, or done in return.
the treaty is a bilateral commitment with reciprocal rights and duties
(of an agreement or obligation) bearing on or binding each of two parties equally.
translation of 'reciprocal'
दो तरफ,
बारी बारी का
परस्पर का,
आपस के संबंध का
आपस का,
परस्पर का,
आपस के संबंध का,
For the latter Professor Aitken would ask for members of the class to give him numbers for which he would then write down the 'reciprocal' , the square root, the cube root or other appropriate expression.
Well, since the denominator becomes 1 using our method, you wind up with just the numerator multiplied by the 'reciprocal' of the denominator.
While our data supports the traditional view of each other as the primary and most common 'reciprocal' construction in English, we find a greater degree of variation in construction types than this traditional view might suggest.
The result of the visit was an agreement on 'reciprocal' protection and promotion of investment.
Normally, relationships progress by way of a reasonably paced flow of self-disclosure that is 'reciprocal' in nature.
We hope it will go over there and raise their interest and they will do something 'reciprocal' .
There were calls among Unionists and Nationalists for the Loyalist groups to follow suit, but Ervine said they did not feel under pressure to make a 'reciprocal' gesture.
Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen were quick to welcome the remarks as very helpful and signalled their intention to try and get Sinn Fein and the IRA to make some 'reciprocal' gesture of good faith.
Absent was any long-lasting system of 'reciprocal' obligation fundamental to group cohesion and solidarity.
The movement towards free trade spread across Europe in a series of 'reciprocal' trade agreements beginning with the Cobden Chevalier Treaty of 1860 between Britain and France.
He said that, in recent years, co-operation has greatly expanded and diversified, with bilateral trade surging and a noteworthy increase in 'reciprocal' investment.
We know that in 2000 a 'reciprocal' agreement was signed between Australia and New Zealand, and we all support that.
Turkey and the UK have signed a 'reciprocal' agreement allowing citizens of one country to buy property in the other.
The plan came unstuck when the Department of Health said medical charges could not be waived as Britain did not have a 'reciprocal' agreement with the west African country to treat its residents.
In other words, States tend to react to the breach of 'reciprocal' obligations by other States.
We just need to be sure that those 'reciprocal' agreements provide our personnel with absolute guarantees.
This is because many clubs have 'reciprocal' agreements with other clubs: You let me play your course and I'll let you play mine.
A 'reciprocal' visit from the English side is planned for later in the summer.
Undoubtedly some of the relationships found here are 'reciprocal' in nature to a greater or lesser degree.
This led to a 'reciprocal' trip by members of Kendal Choral Society to Voiron, in Southern France, in 2004, an area well known for Chartreuse, the liqueur originally created by the Carthusian Monks.
The code above finds the 'reciprocal' value of the contents of an integer variable.
He defined the curvature of a circle as the 'reciprocal' of its radius.
It is a 'reciprocal' agreement that allows for an information flow between the two organizations on a range of safety-related issues.
It says too little about responsibilities, even though rights and responsibilities are 'reciprocal' .
In return, Sweden offers a well-founded, well-resourced jazz scene a short hop from Prestwick airport, so the benefits of this year's Jazz Festival encounters are likely to be 'reciprocal' .
Exceptions were made where there were 'reciprocal' agreements with other countries.
It taught me the pleasures of taking people's money but without the 'reciprocal' pleasure of providing them with some enjoyment in return.
Giving is 'reciprocal' , there is an expectation: what shall be returned?
The federal government likes to talk about 'reciprocal' obligation and mutualism.
However, by corollary, the husband had a 'reciprocal' duty to provide a home for the wife to live in with him, so long as she did not commit a matrimonial offence (such as adultery).
Pakistan to air Indian content only on reciprocal basis
CJI backs entry of foreign lawyers into India, but on reciprocal basis
CJI backs entry of foreign lawyers, but on reciprocal basis
TRENDING: Malaysia-China ties will see 'diamond era' in next 40 years, as both explore reciprocal visa policy
Haryana, UP sign agreement for reciprocal state transport services
Haryana, UP sign reciprocal transport agreement
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