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विनिमय करना
the favor was reciprocated
respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.
a reciprocating blade
(of a part of a machine) move backward and forward in a straight line.
translation of 'reciprocate'
विनिमय करना,
प्रतिफल चुकाना,
प्रतिदान करना,
आदान-प्रदान करना,
अदल-बदल करना,
परस्पर लेन-देन करना
perhaps I was expected to 'reciprocate' with some remark of my own
What I did was to 'reciprocate' the gesture he made to me.
They make us believe that they 'reciprocate' our loyalty and friendship.
Filipinos avoid people who do not 'reciprocate' a favour.
I do not thrive on reviews but I do appreciate them and quite often 'reciprocate' the favor.
perhaps I was expected to 'reciprocate' with some remark of my own
Learn to respect and 'reciprocate' small gestures of concern, kindness, compassion and humanity.
In March 1999, Russia unilaterally cut customs duties on some Bulgarian imports and has been expecting Bulgaria to 'reciprocate' .
It was a pointed gesture from the Africans, and the question now is; are we able to 'reciprocate' their welcoming gestures and acknowledge their willingness to work with us?
It was all his fault; Will had picked up on his feelings and assumed he was expected to 'reciprocate' them.
I had one relationship with a girl who truly loved me, but I was unable to 'reciprocate' her love.
Will those who claim to represent the Hindu populace 'reciprocate' the gesture?
The old man bowed, a gesture which was 'reciprocated' by both newcomers.
This was a phenomenal break for the band and they 'reciprocated' the gesture with an astounding and memorable performance.
The daughter, who has inherited her mother's sensibilities as well as her appearance, 'reciprocates' Pierre's love for her.
Marcus 'reciprocated' the farewell gesture by slightly nodding his head and slowly blinking his large, intelligent eyes.
He 'reciprocated' the embrace, rocking her gently as he pressed kisses into her hair.
This first grandchild was to be her enduring favourite, and the devotion was 'reciprocated' .
They expected the generosity to be 'reciprocated' .
Trent 'reciprocated' her embrace, lacing his arms around her waist and lifting her up against him.
The upper compartments of the mill contain, in the center, the main millstones and, to the right, a 'reciprocator' working a flour sifter, each of them powered by a horizontal waterwheel.
Tom loves Iola, but does not expect his feelings to be 'reciprocated' because he recognizes that he is not of her class or world.
You are sensitive and caring in loving personal relationships and can expect 'reciprocation' from your partner.
Lopez is clearly a gifted teacher who has earned and 'reciprocated' the love of his students.
Sociobiology shows that individuals who acted in altruistic ways, especially toward kin and 'reciprocators' , were over the long run more successful in Darwinian terms than were their more stingy counterparts.
Lighter 'reciprocating' and rotating parts were used and counterbalancing improved.
Our capacities for 'reciprocation' , generosity, care, tactility, expression, thoughtfulness and all the other attributes which light up our eyes may well not be enough for another.
Yes, I do contact the other mother by phone just to say ‘hello,’ but she never 'reciprocates' the gesture.
He flatters, massages their egos, tells them that they are statesmen, hints at his own ability to further their careers, provided the gesture is 'reciprocated' .
Eduardo loves his son and that love is very clearly 'reciprocated' .
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