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We must oppose any trade rules based on even the most minimalist form of reciprocity in market access.
the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.
translation of 'reciprocity'
परस्पर का,
विनिमय करना,
प्रतिफल चुकाना,
प्रतिदान करना,
आपस के संबंध का,
आदान-प्रदान करना,
अदल-बदल करना,
परस्पर लेन-देन करना
Ivanov said that the principle of 'reciprocity' , a key principle in diplomacy, should be applied to the issue.
Even when I cooked dinner, which he'd devour with glee, he would feel no sense of 'reciprocity' .
On the other hand, the North ought to follow suit, respecting the principle of 'reciprocity' .
While some of this reflects a suspicion of the motives of foreign firms, there may also be an awareness of the lack of 'reciprocity' .
In the visual arts, too, there was far more 'reciprocity' than previously acknowledged.
Furthermore, interpersonal relationships in Asia Pacific are based on 'reciprocity' and return of favours.
Each campus would effectively be a separate campus, but there would be 'reciprocity' between the various campuses.
In the 19th century, states dealt with each other strictly on the basis of 'reciprocity' .
Ontario's minister of health acknowledged the heroic work of healthcare workers, and this was an important act of 'reciprocity' .
Similarly, Stephane and Maxim's relationship is also one of 'reciprocity' .
Thus began a long correspondence and professional friendship based on 'reciprocity' and shared artistic beliefs.
Such goodwill obviously deserves similar 'reciprocity' from the Israeli side.
the Community intends to start discussions on 'reciprocity' with third countries
We believe that 'reciprocity' is not an appropriate basis for trade between countries and regions at such different levels of development.
This will also guarantee the principle of 'reciprocity' when relaxed travel terms are negotiated with other countries.
We must oppose any trade rules based on even the most minimalist form of 'reciprocity' in market access.
Thus the first fundamental principle of the gift economy is a return or 'reciprocity' .
While 'reciprocity' is important, generosity is crucial to a good mate.
We are so used to our vain understanding of the law of 'reciprocity' that we think in terms of what we get back for what we give.
Are buyers going to reveal their financial condition prior to the exchange as a gesture of 'reciprocity' ?
The founding principle of human culture in general is exchange, transforming hostility into 'reciprocity' .
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