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his debts were reckoned at $300,000
establish by counting or calculation; calculate.
he reckons that the army should pull out entirely
conclude after calculation; be of the opinion.
last year was not, by any reckoning, a particularly good one
the action or process of calculating or estimating something.
translation of 'reckoning'
The only thing so far saving the economy from a terrible 'reckoning' is the fact that there aren't great prospects for profit anywhere else in the world either.
It takes place in the synagogue on Yom Kippur, introducing expectations of an ultimate 'reckoning' .
the fear of being brought to 'reckoning'
there will be a terrible 'reckoning'
Fragrant, aromatic whites seem to go best by my 'reckoning' but there's plenty of scope for simple, fruity reds too.
I'm further humbled to realise that I received my MA in 1964, and so it has taken me 38 years to complete my doctorate - a slow learner by any 'reckoning' .
If there is to be a 'reckoning' over this war and its disorderly aftermath, it will come in next year's elections.
But it would be hard to find two more opportunistic men than they, and by almost any 'reckoning' , the right moment had come for a full public account of West's early years.
he has hit the sort of form which could thrust him into the 'reckoning'
In a political sense, there will be a 'reckoning' and it will not be too far off.
Kushyar's Principles of Hindu 'reckoning' was written about 1000 AD.
Justice permits the doer of evil to be held accountable for every iota of harm that ensues as a result of the evil act, and that 'reckoning' can be terrible indeed.
Wayne's career, by his own 'reckoning' , has been marked by ‘tough public debate on important public issues.’
He partook of a leisurely breakfast, paid his 'reckoning' , had the ostler bring his horse, and set off to the sound of church bells in the clear air.
Because, to my 'reckoning' , amputating limbs is a far more than cosmetic process.
there will be a terrible 'reckoning'
the fear of being brought to 'reckoning'
By that 'reckoning' , we'd have to give everyone gas masks and surround every building with the National Guard.
If the critics have ways of bringing about this changed pattern of cropping, why don't they simply do it, and stop wasting their time attacking a system that by their 'reckoning' is a failure?
One way or another, by accident, divine 'reckoning' or human error, an avenging fire is turned against them.
The Last Judgement and the Resurrection at the end of times were still perceived as the final 'reckoning' , but this ultimate judgement had come to be preceded by an earlier one, immediately after death.
By her 'reckoning' , ‘A good houseguest never arrives empty handed.’
The last time that an Australian government had a majority in both houses of Parliament was 24 years ago, a generation in the standard 'reckoning' but lifetimes away by some measures.
An annual Experian survey, which leaves York's large businesses out of its 'reckoning' , places the city a lowly 377th out of 404 towns and cities when it comes to average profit margins.
‘By my 'reckoning' Newcastle have scored from eight penalties so far this season and they've probably been awarded more,’ says Rob Compton.
While it is impossible to know the full dimensions at this point, the downdraft on wages and competing economies induced by China's ascendancy may produce a terrible 'reckoning' .
This is my best chance and I swear that if you ruin it there will be a 'reckoning' !
Direct 'reckoning' , or the ability of animals to calculate their position by adding up successive movements, is evidence of read-write memory, he said.
last year was not, by any 'reckoning', a particularly good one
Decentralization will not be complete for several years and even then a good deal of time will have to elapse before a thorough 'reckoning' of its success will be possible.
Bengaluru bow out of AFC Champions League reckoning
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