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an excellent aircraft for low-level reconnaissance
military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.
translation of 'reconnaissance'
टोह लेना,
सैनिक परीक्षण
जासूसी देख-भाल,
पैमाइश का,
जासूसी देख-भाल का
It will predominantly feature surveillance and 'reconnaissance' aircraft.
French, German and US 'reconnaissance' planes would be allowed to patrol the skies.
conducting client 'reconnaissance'
The Americans were part of a 'reconnaissance' team looking to reopen previously shut oil wells.
Eisenhower found out about British preparations for war from US 'reconnaissance' photos.
Within a decade of that first flight, balloons were used for military 'reconnaissance' in France.
Are your soldiers familiar with this route, and have they conducted a route 'reconnaissance' ?
an excellent aircraft for low-level 'reconnaissance'
conducting client 'reconnaissance'
an excellent aircraft for low-level 'reconnaissance'
Two British military liaison and 'reconnaissance' teams have also been deployed - one to Colombo and the second to Indonesian capital Jakarta.
They had to give higher priority to this task if they wanted to avoid enemy air 'reconnaissance' and artillery spotting.
The commander must be ready to adjust his 'reconnaissance' focus as the situation changes or develops.
Our snipers and 'reconnaissance' Marines excelled at this task, as one would expect of trained observers.
It can also carry out 'reconnaissance' , combat support and patrol missions.
after a 'reconnaissance' British forces took the island
Several apparent terrorist 'reconnaissance' missions at key sites had been observed, the newspaper said.
Sections and platoons conduct 'reconnaissance' patrols there daily.
Thus, they may be carrying out 'reconnaissance' of areas for future breeding or staging sites.
A Pentagon spokesman said a coalition air 'reconnaissance' patrol came under fire and called in air strikes.
When we arrived, Mason was still asleep, so I left the rest of the team in the car to conduct a bit of 'reconnaissance' .
Each of these systems brought some degree of unique 'reconnaissance' capability to the squadron.
This indicates that we underestimated the importance of aerial 'reconnaissance' during the war.
after a 'reconnaissance' our forces took the island
A whole new sphere of high-level photographic 'reconnaissance' and its interpretation was to spring from this advance.
I did carry out a detailed 'reconnaissance' but must have missed the signs suggesting this was a private road.
It is commonly accepted that military 'reconnaissance' is an indispensable necessity and inherent component of war.
Additionally, there is a finite amount of terrain that supports the movement of 'reconnaissance' forces.
'reconnaissance' missions
For the most part it was considered that air forces would be used primarily for scouting and 'reconnaissance' missions, both overland and at sea.
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