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they called on the government to reconsider its policy
consider (something) again, especially for a possible change of decision regarding it.
translation of 'reconsider'
पुनर्विचार करना
पुर्विचार करना
they called on the US government to 'reconsider' its policy
I beg you to 'reconsider'
they called on the government to 'reconsider' its policy
Now the council must 'reconsider' its planning decision in the light of the judge's ruling.
I beg you to 'reconsider'
The adjudicator is thus able to 'reconsider' the facts and to reach his own decision on the application.
I really hope that this administration 'reconsiders' its position.
The security services, Lothian and Borders police and the immigration authorities are already believed to be 'reconsidering' the case.
He said he hoped the public would understand the intense pressure now faced by the authority and the reasons for 'reconsidering' the scheme.
They too are 'reconsidering' their immigration policies.
The process does not involve changing a decision or 'reconsidering' it or anything of that kind.
His militia has been really very badly hurt, and it maybe why he's 'reconsidering' his options.
Wouldn't you rather see her detained for several hours while she 'reconsiders' her behaviour, possibly coming out as a better citizen?
There needs to be a review of all of this and a 'reconsideration' of the role of the director of Central Intelligence.
The outcome was that the director, who had said there was ‘no possibility of his 'reconsidering' his position’ agreed to be reinstated.
Scholars are 'reconsidering' his work, which was once considered too populist and shallow to merit study.
Congress is now actually seriously 'reconsidering' this particular provision.
He said the department was now 'reconsidering' its decision.
With so much to do, I'm 'reconsidering' my original idea of just throwing a house party, simply because I don't see how I can fit one in.
Lord Justice Sedley upheld the argument and referred the case back to the county court for 'reconsideration' .
‘I have to say it seems to me that the Prime Minister should really be 'reconsidering' his position,’ she said.
I'm already 'reconsidering' my new subscription to this publication.
But yes, as some readers have asked me, I am 'reconsidering' my support for the war.
In conclusion, the government has some serious 'reconsideration' to do.
I battled on and the Ministry of Defence has now 'reconsidered' my claim.
A spokesman said the company was 'reconsidering' its advertising campaign in the light of the decision.
This new situation leads to a 'reconsideration' of national security risks and threats.
However, upon 'reconsideration' , she said that perhaps such a bylaw would affect her.
However, by Christmas Miss Holland had 'reconsidered' her position and decided she was too young to marry and settle down.
Now, less than three years after his death at the age of 89, a vigorous 'reconsideration' of his significance is under way.
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