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the man who refereed the World Cup final
act as referee for.
During the match assistant referee Andrew Halliday was felled by a hurled coin and bottles were thrown.
an official who watches a game or match closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and (in some sports) to arbitrate on matters arising from the play.
We are all familiar with how journal editors can select referees to get the reports they want.
a person appointed to examine and assess for publication a scientific or other academic work.
translation of 'referee'
पंच का काम करना,
खेल पंच का काम करना
खेल पंच
the subject of a bad reference can sue the 'referee' for libel
the 'referee' sent off two French players
The coach of Morgan's team was gracious enough to 'referee' the match and stood in the middle as the game began.
The 'referee' 's whistle came not a moment too soon and the celebrations began.
If there is one thing he should never be allowed to do again, it's 'referee' a professional football match.
A rugby player who was injured in an accident on the field sued the 'referee' for failing to protect him from a falling scrum.
Mickey is a well known soccer 'referee' and gave many years service to the game.
He was a rugby football 'referee' in his spare time at one time.
In tournaments, players, if victorious, are asked to 'referee' the following match on their court.
The first round tie kicked off 25 minutes late when the appointed 'referee' failed to turn up.
It is difficult, but not impossible, to 'referee' a rugby match if you don't have some intrinsic understanding of, and feeling for, the game.
When Oliver was asked to 'referee' the game, he was delighted and agreed immediately.
During the match assistant 'referee' Andrew Halliday was felled by a hurled coin and bottles were thrown.
Who in their right mind would risk life and limb to 'referee' a local soccer or football match?
To start with, the 'referee' has to be asked about the customer's character and creditworthiness and, generally, about his circumstances in life.
Pat White was an impartial 'referee' in a game played in a sporting spirit.
I enjoyed Kevin Dwyer's commentary but he tended to 'referee' the game too much.
He has served as an ICC match 'referee' and is a past chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board.
I had a game there and found out that Tom was going to 'referee' the game.
There was one tackle that was so late the 'referee' had blown for half-time.
The author would like to thank Kim Van der Borght for his support and the anonymous 'referee' for their valuable guidance and comments.
It takes a special person to 'referee' a wrestling match.
For a change, the video 'referee' ruled against Saints and the try was rightly allowed to stand.
A referee has huge power and what is written by a 'referee' in his report is taken as the ‘gospel’.
I asked the 'referee' at half-time why he hadn't given a penalty.
It was written by Satyendra Nath Bose and rejected by a 'referee' for publication.
In particular, I refer to solving problems with the writing and management of the 'referee' process.
Transition year students from Ballinrobe Community School will 'referee' the games.
But the video 'referee' ruled that Paul Johnson had been illegally dispossessed.
I might not know a great deal about how to 'referee' a game of football but I do know right from wrong.
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