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पछतावा करने योग्य
the loss of this number of jobs is regrettable
(of conduct or an event) giving rise to regret; undesirable; unwelcome.
translation of 'regrettable'
पछतावा करने योग्य
It is therefore 'regrettable' that you chose to print the article in its current form and under a misleading heading on the front page of your paper.
He's not exactly acting very honorably in that role or as a man, and I think it's deeply 'regrettable' .
It was 'regrettable' that the workers felt that they had been put into a corner where they had to ballot for industrial action.
The events that led to this claim and counterclaim are indeed 'regrettable' .
She said that it had been 'regrettable' that this had occurred.
I find this to be a 'regrettable' stance, in the main because of the breadth of messages contained in it.
It is 'regrettable' that some biotech companies have already left Europe.
He said that the violence ‘was 'regrettable' ,’ but that security staff must use force to do their jobs.
He said the damaging of the trees was 'regrettable' , but also exceptional.
Firstly it must be said that all of these incidents are 'regrettable' and that this newspaper in no way condemns the breaking of the law on drugs.
Business, with a 'regrettable' few exceptions, is booming in a town known the world over because of its famous Rock.
An ageing spinster behind a bar would far rather discuss the finer points of her son's 'regrettable' taste in women than serve you a beer in under half an hour.
It may be that the decision to interfere with such an editorial decision will have perverse and 'regrettable' consequences.
However, apart from that one rather 'regrettable' episode he'd never found the attic room particularly unsettling.
The harsh reality is that the two big banks see the customer as an inconvenience and workers as a 'regrettable' cost that has to be tolerated.
She said it was 'regrettable' that a policeman, who had taken an oath, had come before the court and deliberately misled the court.
It is 'regrettable' that it has become necessary to deploy policemen in schools, but it is needed as an emergency shock treatment.
The judge said it was 'regrettable' the family had to take legal action and live under the cloud of litigation for the last few years.
But it is 'regrettable' that awareness is very low, especially among women and at the grassroots level.
It was 'regrettable' the association had chosen to adopt this approach.
Russia calls US ban on Kaspersky products 'regrettable'
US attitude during denuclearization talks 'regrettable', says N. Korea
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