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the existing legal and regulatory framework
serving or intended to regulate something.
translation of 'regulatory'
Do we really want a 'regulatory' body to dictate which parenting styles are acceptable?
In the same year, a 'regulatory' authority for telecoms and post was also established.
Industry advertising is already controlled through legal or 'regulatory' agency initiatives.
The 'regulatory' bodies are concerned with public protection and the public interest.
First, 'regulatory' and legislative bodies in any developing country will rarely change on their own.
Parliament not only creates the 'regulatory' framework, but is also the enforcer of obligations.
The 'regulatory' body should consider which of three categories the drug being considered falls into.
A failure to comply with decisions of the 'regulatory' body was clearly conduct unbefitting a solicitor.
Most state legislation for nurse practitioners sets up the state board of nursing as their 'regulatory' body.
There are no plans for the proposed new 'regulatory' authority to regulate these firms.
They were also required to deal with eight separate bodies that dealt with 'regulatory' issues.
A nursery school has to be registered with the Government 'regulatory' bodies and is inspected every year.
The 'regulatory' bodies for the health professions should be run by councils that are primarily appointed.
It is not a 'regulatory' body but an advocacy group that is about 100 members strong.
As such, some 'regulatory' controls will be retained on the companies, although others will be relaxed.
The government on its part is putting in place the 'regulatory' frameworks for the gas industry.
The 'regulatory' agencies and local bodies seem to be turning a blind eye to the problem.
We cannot expect order to exist for a long time in a market without a 'regulatory' framework.
I challenged them by formally complaining to their 'regulatory' body in this country and got nowhere.
The 'regulatory' bodies cover most professionals who work in health care including nurses.
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