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rehearsals for the opera season
a practice or trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.
translation of 'rehearsal'
नाटक का प्रारंभिक अभिनय,
पूर्व प्रयोग
A 'rehearsal' room originally planned for the top floor is now used as a production office.
I've had two weeks in 'rehearsal'
I've had a fortnight in 'rehearsal'
Then, two days before the performance, Ivan sprained his ankle in 'rehearsal' .
If it's extremely complex, then I'll have to book more 'rehearsal' time to work around it.
The third will house community art groups, seminar and 'rehearsal' areas and office space.
We spend a lot of time in 'rehearsal' on the floor laughing our heads off, making discoveries, trying things.
a 'rehearsal' room
They had been in 'rehearsal' every night for the past two weeks, so they knew what they were doing.
She stretched then stood and left her room, sure that it was nearly time for 'rehearsal' .
The team reached the city well in advance and had hectic 'rehearsal' sessions to fine-tune skills.
So here I am in 'rehearsal' doing our last run through of the song.
Caught during a break in 'rehearsal' , they have the air of two people having huge and exhausting fun.
All three plays are now in 'rehearsal' , under the direction of Catherine and Mary.
Over the next month they will be fitting in as much 'rehearsal' together as possible around their already full diaries.
The studios will include 'rehearsal' rooms for the benefit of young bands in existence around Waterford.
Not only are there numerous musicians to choose from, but there are also benefits such as free 'rehearsal' space.
In 'rehearsal' for this particular piece, dancers lay on the floor with their eyes closed.
I thought I detected a blush but they've been very professional in 'rehearsal' .
All three smiled confidently and gave a relaxed, free rendition that showed 'rehearsal' time well spent.
The renovations will also create a second theatre space and two 'rehearsal' studios.
We didn't meet them before because we wanted to work on the characters ourselves and do that in 'rehearsal' .
From the writing process, to the 'rehearsal' room, to the studio and to the stage, he has heard them every step of the way.
At other times, the men came together only for sounds checks, 'rehearsals' and a performance.
So I set up three or four weeks of solid 'rehearsals' , different scenes every night.
The group is very busy with 'rehearsals' and making props for the show, and rehearsing three nights a week.
The actors meet and put themselves through months of improvisation and 'rehearsals' before a scene is filmed.
I talked to Boyd, during 'rehearsals' , about the thinking behind the production.
Clubs that are taking part in the upcoming drama competition are busy in 'rehearsals' at the moment.
We are allowing you to miss the first hour of any of the full orchestra 'rehearsals' if need be.
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