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फिर से जीवंत
a bid to rejuvenate the town center
make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.
translation of 'rejuvenated'
फिर से युवा करना
One example is the Nile, which was 'rejuvenated' when the Mediterranean Sea dried up in the late Miocene.
Ultimately, how much of the marshland do you think will be 'rejuvenated' or restored?
There is a strong community effort to 'rejuvenate' the river.
The organisation is charged with 'rejuvenating' the centre of town.
Love and romance enhance and 'rejuvenate' a personal relationship.
The jeweller and specialist watch chain has signed up the model and actress in a bid to 'rejuvenate' its image.
This is a good time to look afresh at personal relationships to 'rejuvenate' the friendship you may have lost.
a bid to 'rejuvenate' the town center
Since its opening, the centre has managed to 'rejuvenate' the surrounding community.
You need to be tender, loving and caring to 'rejuvenate' personal relationships.
It was set up to provide training for people trying to return to work and to 'rejuvenate' the town following devastating job losses and a subsequent slump in the 1980s.
Plans to 'rejuvenate' the River Eden could create dozens of new jobs and bring millions of pounds into the local economy, according to a new report.
The Government aims to 'rejuvenate' market towns, and to focus improved health-care access and standards on them.
A newly refurbished building has been praised for helping to 'rejuvenate' the surrounding town centre.
Walton Community Project, formed to 'rejuvenate' the town, organised a large-scale scheme to get the resort ready before the holiday season gets into full swing.
A good exercise programme such as aerobics will also activate and 'rejuvenate' the skin and improve circulation and blood flow.
a bid to 'rejuvenate' the town centre
The council have indicated this area is a major advantage in their hopes to 'rejuvenate' the centre of the town.
Hence, it becomes imperative for those in the business of 'rejuvenating' the people to create this awareness.
It's best to 'rejuvenate' personal relationships with tender loving care.
Thousands have signed our petitions, and sent in letters of support saying how the new stadium will 'rejuvenate' the town.
Mr Monks added that by bringing new residents to the area, local commerce and businesses would benefit and it would help 'rejuvenate' the town centre.
A brief, unplanned vacation 'rejuvenates' your energy and personal relationships.
Devizes should have its own town centre manager to spearhead efforts to 'rejuvenate' retail activity by late August or early September.
Hundreds of jobs could be created in Burnley after a £2 million plan to 'rejuvenate' an area of the town centre was revealed today.
They discovered the compounds in the cream which use new ways to 'rejuvenate' the skin.
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