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the growth of the welfare state will be clearly relatable to the growth of democracy
able to be related to something else.
Mary-Kate's problems make her more relatable
enabling a person to feel that they can relate to someone or something.
Now, Monica said, Mary-Kate's problems make her more 'relatable' .
And I think, to a at a certain level, she was not 'relatable' .
There's a certain casual air around his character in the film that makes him instantly 'relatable' .
They tackle simple, 'relatable' subjects in a positive, catchy manner.
You might figure that Hollywood would know how to create a realistic environment populated with 'relatable' characters.
And I think to a certain level, she was not 'relatable' .
The directors always seem to confuse making something 'relatable' with making something cool.
There are no punch lines or 'relatable' characters, just absurdity - - yet somehow it works.
Like many later Oliver Stone films, there simply isn't a 'relatable' character in the bunch.
The script's exploration of people's innermost desire to discover their own potential made this play very 'relatable' to its audience.
Dory's journey is relatable, says DeGeneres
Reese Witherspoon wants to work on relatable movies
'Is She Raju?': Relatable comic-caper
Paul Rudd: Ant-Man a little bit relatable
Bollywood actresses attempt to redefine beauty with relatable roles
Akull: 'I love creating songs that are relatable'
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