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For the most part they are claims for additional remuneration on the grounds that the nature and scope of the contract works have changed.
money paid for work or a service.
translation of 'remuneration'
Secondly, if a bank provides a service to customers it is entitled to reasonable 'remuneration' , if that has not been agreed.
And if salaries and 'remuneration' take up the bulk of the money, then how is the remainder allocated?
The proposal that he receive backdated 'remuneration' on flotation or disposal makes sense in terms of timing.
A standard payout is four times a member's annual salary, or 'remuneration' .
This requires real wages and other 'remuneration' to rise more slowly than productivity.
For the most part they are claims for additional 'remuneration' on the grounds that the nature and scope of the contract works have changed.
Employees in foreign banks are not very different except in their manner of deportment and 'remuneration' .
Yes, you'll be reimbursed any expenses, and yes, their may be some additional 'remuneration' .
Their 'remuneration' and studio rent are the first investment that goes into a new production.
The profession is losing its better professionals daily - to the lure of better 'remuneration' .
Total 'remuneration' includes bonuses or the value of benefit in kind extras such as company cars as well as salary.
The four consultants receive no additional 'remuneration' for the screening project.
The lack of 'remuneration' or reimbursement of expenses for his new role was a source of much displeasure.
They are a way of acknowledging the work the recipient has done, which doesn't rely on monetary 'remuneration' .
Our legal system compensates victims of wrongdoing with fiscal 'remuneration' .
In addition to good 'remuneration' and benefits, Ministers undoubtedly get a very nice pension.
Many people further argue that corruption is rampant among civil servants because of poor 'remuneration' .
Teaching as a profession calls for a lot of sacrifice in terms of 'remuneration' and other perks compared to other fields.
In ongoing conversations, the issue of financial 'remuneration' continued to come up.
There was no career structure, posts were filled by patronage, and 'remuneration' was by fees rather than salary.
they work in excess of their contracted hours for no additional 'remuneration'
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