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फिर से बातचीत
the parties will renegotiate the price
negotiate (something) again in order to change the original agreed terms.
Do you think we should try to 'renegotiate' our lease terms with the landlord?
There has never been a better time to 'renegotiate' a maintenance contract.
the parties will 'renegotiate' the price
They recommend that both parties continually monitor and 'renegotiate' the contracts.
The ability to improve supply chain management and to successfully 'renegotiate' terms with customers to offset most of the current cost increases will, however, be vital.
But in reality lenders are more than happy to 'renegotiate' payment terms if you run into such difficulties - which may not even happen.
He also said he would 'renegotiate' contracts with unions and state employees, freeze spending on state contracts and travel and oversee a budget audit.
Payment protection policies are expensive and unnecessary for many people, who can easily 'renegotiate' their loans with their lender if they run into difficulties.
They are often unnecessary and expensive - when borrowers can simply defer payments and 'renegotiate' the lending terms.
she asked to 'renegotiate' after signing the contract
A further implication of the suspension is that meat exporters to South Africa might be required to 'renegotiate' the terms of export with South Africa.
The photographer must offer to repair them or 'renegotiate' the invoice charge.
the parties will 'renegotiate' the price
This can possibly alleviate the need for 'renegotiations' , should something major happen.
Cozying up to his bank: Because Martin buys up tone woods whenever they become available, he has arranged to borrow up to $20 million without 'renegotiating' his credit package.
Recently, both Peter Hawker, chairman of the Consultants and Specialists Committee, and John Hutton, health minister, have said that the contract is not 'renegotiable' if the vote is negative.
Now he says he favors 'renegotiating' the deal to ensure that workers have a right to collective bargaining and that environmental standards are upheld.
If the auditor issues a qualified opinion, the insurer won't issue coverage unless the company 'renegotiates' new policy terms.
A transfer of a note, which is part of an eligible rollover distribution, will not be considered a loan 'renegotiation' or revision since the substantive terms do not change.
In return, certain other mortgages were 'renegotiated' with more favourable terms for the defendants by reducing interest rates, adjusting maturity dates and the like.
The political thrust in unionist politics is now more and more to wreck the current Agreement and force 'renegotiations' .
This would allow the store to sell electronic goods in at least some of its stores without 'renegotiating' its user terms.
In fact negotiating and 'renegotiating' access takes place on almost a daily basis once the research is under way - but that brings me to the research process itself.
Contracting also negotiates and 'renegotiates' rules of communication between astrologer and client.
The settlement was subsequently 'renegotiated' on more favourable terms on 10 November 1998 and approved by the court in the form of a consent judgment.
Since then, the Danbury, Connecticut-based Company has 'renegotiated' the policy annually to add on another year.
In an attempt to strong-arm the electorate, Chirac made it clear that in the event of a ‘no’ vote, the constitution would not be 'renegotiable' .
He tried juggling things himself, 'renegotiating' payment terms with creditors.
The lender will not want to be left behind if the borrower has defaulted under the terms of another loan agreement and that other lender has started enforcement or 'renegotiation' of terms.
In the November - December period, 'renegotiations' for reinsurance cover for 2002 proved very tough for Irish insurers, resulting in premium increases and a curtailment in capacity.
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