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“Are you hurt?” he repeated
say again something one has already said.
earlier experiments were to be repeated on a far larger scale
do (something) again, either once or a number of times.
A man firing a repeating rifle faces a man wielding a sword.
(of a firearm) capable of firing several shots in succession without reloading.
They are designed to be cut at regular intervals (often indicated by a vertical row of a small scissors included in the repeating pattern), resulting in scarves of a standard size.
(of a pattern) recurring uniformly over a surface.
translation of 'repeating'
मुजरिम होना,
फिर से करना,
फिर से कहना,
आवृत्ति करना,
One of the things that makes ordinary quilts so likable is the way that they typically frame a wealth of detail in smallish, 'repeating' patterns.
The columns shift in a laterally 'repeating' rainbow sequence of 50 colors taken from an ink-marker assortment on a white ground.
It features dreadfully long and boring ‘action’ sequences comprised mostly of 'repeating' footage of men firing pistols in the dark.
Terrain is tile-based, but our process allows for each tile to be unique, so there are no visible 'repeating' patterns.
They are generally made of cotton, rayon, or a cotton-rayon blend, and include an overall pattern of 'repeating' designs, often with a central medallion, surrounded by a decorative border.
But high, blacked-out ceilings and a pattern of exposed concrete cylinders are balanced by a 'repeating' carpet pattern.
Seen together in the gallery, the paintings produced the overall effect of an astonishing installation piece, as the 'repeating' silhouettes established a dialogue of form from one canvas to the next.
A man firing a 'repeating' rifle faces a man wielding a sword.
Hardware and software - metal and light and sound - mingled in endlessly surprising ways (though the projections and audio ran on a 'repeating' loop).
They are designed to be cut at regular intervals (often indicated by a vertical row of a small scissors included in the 'repeating' pattern), resulting in scarves of a standard size.
Emphatically linear, the works are open, 'repeating' forms that respond to the industrial landscape of northern Indiana, an area he drives through daily to reach Gary from his Chicago home.
The 'repeating' segments create loops and coils that visually reside on the surface of each panel and mingle with surrounding passages of more abstract ornament.
The idea of 'repeating' variations on a single geometric form in a building at all scales from the overall site plan to interior ornamental detail was central to Wright's concept of an organic architecture.
The first was pitched somewhere between sport and swing dance, with lifts and rollovers in fluid, 'repeating' patterns.
Various framing devices - decorative elements or fan shapes - set off the central images, and 'repeating' patterns often give the effect of looking through a kaleidoscope.
The 'repeating' , geometric patterns of the tire treads have likewise been linked to traditional African textiles and scarification rituals.
If we want an asphalt texture to convincingly cover a parking lot, it's well worth the time and effort to work on the edge detail until the seams are invisible and any 'repeating' patterns are kept to a minimum.
Under white mindwinter sun the air's bleached fabric is stamped with a 'repeating' pattern of black-and-grey-striped cats and still-wet golden berries.
What seems a random pattern of painstakingly rendered cuts in the paper is in fact a nine-times 'repeating' pattern made from a rubber matrix print containing the Pollock-like marks.
In her new work here, Ryan used split birch panels whose 'repeating' wood-grain patterns provided both a surface to paint on and a formal catalyst to paint from.
This extends from the digital dot of the printing process to the larger scale of the 'repeating' pattern, the panel, and the facade openings.
The 10-canvas Sequence pushes this logic further, 'repeating' forms in positive and negative, plan and projection.
Lockhart's sidekick Charley, a half-Apache, has gone to question his relatives about the 'repeating' rifles being sold to them in the area.
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