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कथित तौर पर
he was in El Salvador, reportedly on his way to Texas
according to what some say (used to express the speaker's belief that the information given is not necessarily true).
Elektra's martial arts mentor Stick will 'reportedly' play a central role in the film which will see Elektra battling the ninja clan known as The Hand.
The reason for transferring centrifuge designs to Iran 'reportedly' between 1987 and 1991 was probably money.
he was in El Salvador, 'reportedly' on his way to Texas
It is 'reportedly' inspired by true events and is described as ‘graphic and deeply disturbing’.
Rogers' death near Cullaville, South Armagh was 'reportedly' connected with a row in the border village involving ten men.
And he 'reportedly' replied that religion is the way we conduct ourselves towards others.
Wahid 'reportedly' replied he will ask Indonesia's finance minister and the tariff bureau chief to investigate the problem.
Kalla was 'reportedly' fired for alleged corruption and nepotism related in part to the power project.
She was 'reportedly' a tough character, bitterly acerbic and tragically alcoholic.
she's 'reportedly' unhappy about the article
he was in El Salvador, 'reportedly' on his way to Texas
Zantzinger 'reportedly' now lives on a farm in neighbouring St Mary's County.
Harold rebuffed her, but 'reportedly' told some close friends of his ‘very tiresome half sister’.
I should say that Morris died one week after getting to see the completed film late last year, and he 'reportedly' loved it.
In fact, her appointment 'reportedly' made her the highest-ranking woman in Chicago business.
It has 'reportedly' agreed to the merger of the two plans, and increased the size of its Phnom Penh office, so the process can be overseen in Cambodia.
Africa, 'reportedly' , has only 14 million phone lines - significantly less than most large cities in the West.
After filming was complete, Jamal 'reportedly' made use of his unexpired visa to return to London and apply for asylum in real life.
civilians were 'reportedly' killed
the government are 'reportedly' in discussions with them
the search for the 'reportedly' missing girl is on-going
The hedge was 'reportedly' longer than the Great Wall of China!
Some women 'reportedly' were so scared that they went into labour, and rumors circulated later that a few teenagers had committed suicide.
One of their biggest successes is Buy Nothing Day, a global boycott that has 'reportedly' had an impact on 60 countries worldwide.
The offer was 'reportedly' renewed during President Vladimir Putin's visit to India in December 2002.
He later moved to the US, where he 'reportedly' received flight training in Florida with his cousin Mohammed Atta.
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