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the government had assumed powers to requisition cereal products at fixed prices
demand the use or supply of, especially by official order and for military or public use.
I had to make various requisitions for staff and accommodations
an official order laying claim to the use of property or materials.
translation of 'requisition'
माँग अधिग्रहण
प्रार्थना करना
प्रार्थना करना,
the government had assumed powers to 'requisition' cereal products at fixed prices
'requisition' form
He also aspired to the role of executioner, warning McLoughlin that if he was not gone in three months he would 'requisition' a shareholders’ meeting to remove him ‘unceremoniously’.
Mehmetçik escapes from a forced labour battalion and becomes a famous bandit, while Adulhamid Hodja dies of a broken heart when soldiers 'requisition' his horse.
As he cycled the inner lock I said, ‘Kusaa, if you be good enough to 'requisition' the supplies, we'll clean up a bit.’
Besides the rights which you enjoy as an individual shareholder, you also enjoy the rights to 'requisition' an Extraordinary General Meeting.
Alicia, I hate to do this to you after all the work you did to 'requisition' those spare cots for our refugees, but it turns out we won't need them.
We can't 'requisition' information with no grounds but we expect the firms to reply.
When you 'requisition' those parts for a ship or something I thought it was something for a science project.
Even though the company plans to hire 4,500 people worldwide this quarter, ‘I still approve every 'requisition' in the company for head count,’ he says.
He actually apologized for the delay in the last 'requisition' .
In the prior process, you had to staff a whole purchasing department and send a 'requisition' in to them, and you'd bring in too much invariably because you had to stock up on materials.
'requisition' of grain at the point of a gun proved a novel experience for the peasantry
She could 'requisition' the songs, let the songwriters do their work, she could come in with her lyrics and sing as extraordinarily as ever and poof!
Tanj grinned back at him; ‘Oh, its simple, really; all you have to do is submit a 'requisition' for my time, in triplicate, justifying the need, and get Jenka to sign it.’
They tell me I have to send a work 'requisition' and that they are going to mail me the form.
the government had assumed powers to 'requisition' cereal products at fixed prices
The chaos of the past has given way to an ordered structure where if you want to get a pen, you have to fill in a stationery 'requisition' form in triplicate.
Your explanation about repair 'requisitions' and material transfers was an excellent cover.
The application needed to be built quickly and cheaply because constraints in the purchasing and tenuous acquisition processes ruled out any new 'requisitions' until the beginning of the next fiscal quarter.
As organisations look to reduce cost and increase responsiveness, the ability for customers to view their own account records or for employees to process HR 'requisitions' , for example, will offer huge benefits.
These points serve as currency for 'requisitioning' units and calling for fire support.
I've 'requisitioned' more oil from Cosh, and expect wagons any day.
The number of 'requisitions' depends on your ability to fulfill both primary and secondary objectives of each mission.
We've also 'requisitioned' every watt of power within the city to power the positron cannon.
The Red Army 'requisitioned' all foodstuff it could lay its hands on for its own use, as well as for shipping it back home - without any regard for the starving local population.
Without revenue, except for meager voluntary state 'requisitions' , Congress could not even pay the interest on its outstanding debt.
Parker's probably 'requisitioning' a car as we speak.
Many missions require you to use a specific plane so always keep some extra 'requisitions' handy for some last minute upgrades.
Unlike Finley, who chastised Tripler for not following proper procedures in 'requisitioning' hospital buildings, Hammond did not obstruct Letterman's end-run around the War Department to organize an ambulance corps.
Bengal set to requisition private hospitals to tackle Covid-19
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