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his resentment at being demoted
bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.
translation of 'resentment'
Tax amnesties inevitably give rise to 'resentment' on the part of most law-abiding citizens.
In this situation we cannot fail to be the object of envy and 'resentment' .
There is much poverty and anguish in the world, and it breeds 'resentment' and envy.
As a customer, I am obviously outraged that she treats me with such seething 'resentment' .
She'd torment me in the usual ways, leading to a great deal of 'resentment' on my part.
Economic and social insecurity fostered widespread popular 'resentment' as people searched for scapegoats to explain their hardships.
There is no reason to think she or her father harboured any 'resentment' .
his 'resentment' at being demoted
Envy and 'resentment' of other peoples' success is something that's liable to make me cross.
And it was impossible not to pick up a hint of 'resentment' in his voice.
I wonder if their fear is really jealousy and 'resentment' at the initiative of today's generation.
There was a lot of seething 'resentment' , and a lot of hatred in the air.
his 'resentment' at being demoted
In doing this, he exploited widespread public 'resentment' of corruption and nepotism.
Breeding enough birds became a large industry and the crops consumed by the birds caused bitter 'resentment' .
This can inhibit communication and lead to unresolved 'resentment' and bitterness.
Already, its callous indifference to the plight of the local population is fuelling growing 'resentment' .
Sonia harbors a deep 'resentment' towards her father, which solidifies her relationship with her mother.
The grief would be intense and there would be feelings and anger and 'resentment' .
There is no anger or 'resentment' , just an acknowledgment that the situation is different.
The lack of aid, bureaucratic indifference and outright corruption has fuelled widespread 'resentment' and anger.
Holding grudges and 'resentment' against others will only serve to limit your higher development.
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