English to Hindi Dictionary resounding


another scream resounded through the school
(of a sound, voice, etc.) fill a place with sound; be loud enough to echo.
Horace resounds the praises of Italy
sing (the praises) of.
a resounding smack across the face
(of a sound) loud enough to reverberate.
the evening was a resounding success
unmistakable; emphatic.
translation of 'resounding'
यश फैलाना,
The Coleman festival which took place from September 2th to 4th was a 'resounding' success with packed audiences each night at the concerts.
Nicole's alarm clock went off that morning with a 'resounding' buzz that seemed louder than usual.
Recently, a free pool party was held for eight - to 16-year-olds and proved a 'resounding' success, with 70 children attending.
The president's makeup job was a 'resounding' success.
He slammed his fist into Rick's jaw and there was a 'resounding' crack.
No sooner had my son got his new ‘urban street scooter’ out of the box than I was crashing into the metal garden gate with a 'resounding' clang.
The walk which took place on Sunday April 27th was a 'resounding' success and raised a total of €2,314.
Her practicality wrestled with pride for a few more minutes before scoring a 'resounding' victory.
Held at the Auction Mart, the event has been hailed a 'resounding' success.
Yet the fact was that British armed forces had suffered a 'resounding' defeat.
The 'resounding' thud of the door closing was the next thing she heard.
The festival was a 'resounding' success in terms of access, competition standards, numbers of choirs taking part and the administration and organisation.
Then, the log he was leaning on gave way with a 'resounding' crack.
And it has proved a 'resounding' success with a quick uptake of the 50 places available and a waiting list of many others, for whom a nativity play is being organised.
The English boy wonder's first game of the tour was a 'resounding' success, and was all the more remarkable for the fact that he has not played for six weeks.
The machine clicked off with a 'resounding' beep, and the room rang with silence.
The loud, 'resounding' sound unnerved the monkeys and they bolted from the scene.
Mr. O'Brien makes a brave leap in the dark and lands with a 'resounding' thud.
I hit the floor with a 'resounding' thud that echoed across the room, the phone still in my hand.
Officials only last week hailed the post-back scheme - reducing the traditional door-to-door collection - a 'resounding' success.
At no stage did anything other than a 'resounding' victory for Stradbally suggest itself.
We won a great victory with the 'resounding' defeat of the proposed amendment.
What is perhaps more unexpected, is that this collaboration is a 'resounding' success.
The Titian exhibition is judged a 'resounding' success but it is just one of an enormous range of substantial and enjoyable shows in the city.
It banged against the wall with a 'resounding' thud that echoed through the ship.
The aim of the show is to present independent, mature artists working in contemporary movement and world dance forms to the wider public and the last two shows have been a 'resounding' success.
He thanked the military and all who have sacrificed loved ones which brought 'resounding' cheers.
And that 'resounding' sound of the shut door still rang in her ears, over and over.
Most of the kids were alert by now, awakened by the 'resounding' thumps.
The building came down in minutes with a 'resounding' bang and thud.
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