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Those scissors remind me of the creative inventive and resourceful things my mother did.
having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.
translation of 'resourceful'
उपाय कुशल
After all they have to be pretty 'resourceful' to be able to make it this far.
She has had to be imaginative and 'resourceful' in finding compensating sources.
They take advantage of current technologies in 'resourceful' and imaginative ways.
A year later she had blossomed into an independent, 'resourceful' young woman.
He talks as if he's on the radio - which is to say he's fluent, quick-witted and 'resourceful' .
The fans have once more shown how extremely 'resourceful' they are.
Fortunately, the two counselors at the orphanage proved to be very quick and 'resourceful' .
You must be 'resourceful' and ready for the challenge of design.
But under his wise and brave and 'resourceful' guidance, it will be achieved.
And no one has special powers of any sort, although of course everyone is super talented and 'resourceful' .
As an author, you will have to be creative and 'resourceful' in marketing yourself and your book.
How might an energetic and 'resourceful' air force leadership deal with this situation?
They require committed 'resourceful' parents who will be able to rise to the challenges they will face over the years.
He was looking for under-utilised joinery skills, a 'resourceful' design team as well as local supplies of timber.
Parents have an obligation to train their children to be 'resourceful' and useful members of society.
And although she is still so young I can tell she is like me, determined and 'resourceful' .
She was 'resourceful' , industrious and an extremely skilful and creative cook and homemaker.
Those scissors remind me of the creative inventive and 'resourceful' things my mother did.
If we believe in our ability to be inventive and 'resourceful' then we have every reason to believe we can make changes.
They rationalise the action claiming that their children are not mature and 'resourceful' enough for this task.
The club was designed and built by three fifth-year students who 'resourcefully' begged and scavenged materials.
We are dealing with an ancient monument to man's ingenuity, 'resourcefulness' and technical prowess.
He 'resourcefully' fashioned a brush using hair from his cat's tail, while his mother and accommodating Indians provided the fledgling painter with a rudimentary palette of primary colors.
Eutrophication or the ways to clean up wastewater and utilise them 'resourcefully' was clearly brought out by the students.
Unfortunately, heavy rain forced the game indoors and tested the ingenuity and 'resourcefulness' of the event's organizers.
Perhaps I might have said this before here, but the 'resourcefulness' and talent of actors in this country is astounding.
The Committee have displayed great skill, energy and 'resourcefulness' in the pursuit of their goals.
His discussion of social movements takes the form of dichotomies, each side 'resourcefully' incorporating rhetorical or counter-rhetorical language.
Using space 'resourcefully' is a recurring theme of the project.
I salute the ingenuity and 'resourcefulness' of this man!
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