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decisions are made within the financial restraints of the budget
a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits.
he urged the protesters to exercise restraint
unemotional, dispassionate, or moderate behavior; self-control.
translation of 'restraint'
The hospitality industry has been urged to exercise 'restraint' in effecting price increases to avoid discouraging tourists from coming to the country in preference to more affordable destinations.
he urged the protestors to exercise 'restraint'
Intensity is what she is after and you don't normally get that by pulling your punches, though of course understatement and 'restraint' can sometimes be equally effective.
The next few tracks exercise more 'restraint' but fortunately don't compromise any of the fire of the opening track.
a policy of 'restraint' in public spending
Leo A Daly appears to have balanced modern design, polished materials, and vibrant colors with just the right amount of formal 'restraint' .
They're really bombarding the kids, and they're not perhaps willing to exercise any kind of 'restraint' toward marketing on campuses?
Following the birth of his son, he gave himself over to a rapturous, sensual engagement with paint that seemed to fly in the face of his previous 'restraint' .
This 'restraint' from easy sentiment sets the tone for the rest of the film.
Despite calls for investors to exercise patriotic 'restraint' , the market opened with an avalanche of sell orders, driving the Dow to its largest point loss in history.
This replaced the open emotional force and physical excitement of ‘hot’ jazz with deliberate understatement and 'restraint' .
he urged the protesters to exercise 'restraint'
Further, a certain measure of 'restraint' was a condition of sanity amidst the new atmosphere of material abundance.
With its moonlit beams and gentle currents, Adventure is an addictive album, deftly illustrating that great emotional strength can be wrought from an attitude of 'restraint' and levity.
The defendants in this case did not break into any computers - and saying that they did is bad for those who value liberty and prosecutorial 'restraint' .
It is a splendid novel composed with a poised 'restraint' and admirably captures the contrast between Henry James's vibrant fiction and the elusive, undramatic quality of his own life.
Their official role in the courts encompassed analogous responsibilities, 'restraint' of criminals and conservation of justice.
with strings and piano, all 'restraint' vanished
The design is an exercise in 'restraint' , from the unadorned raised back to the discreet rope moulded rim, to the gentle curve of the sabre supports that end on paw feet.
Musical, with a clear, refined technique and a demeanor that favors 'restraint' over flashiness, he appears to many the embodiment of the high classicist.
They suggested that a failure to act would mean that the government would be able to extend the copyright term on future occasions, without judicial 'restraint' .
Never place a rear facing child 'restraint' in front of a passenger side air bag.
The sculptures, which can attain a rather large size, begin to feel like musical variations on a single theme: the beauty and 'restraint' of a geometric idiom.
Her poems are notable for a 'restraint' of expression combined with a powerful and passionate content which distinguish her from many of her Georgian contemporaries.
The point was to emphasise, for better or worse, that you live well, you survive, when you learn 'restraint' , self-discipline and separation.
A novel cover for a safety 'restraint' device is disclosed.
The meeting noted that the Claimant frequently requires physical 'restraint' and at times intra muscular medication.
Society's methodical and systemic ideals stand challenged wherever individual freedom is put under any 'restraint' .
The potential for spatial ambiguity - for drama, almost - enriches the loveliness of the objects and the muted 'restraint' with which they are depicted.
We urged 'restraint' and respect, putting relief for the families above all else.
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