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a resumption of meaningful negotiation
the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.
translation of 'resumption '
The 'resumption' of classes ended an eight-month hiatus while plunging the school into a legal battle.
a 'resumption' of meaningful negotiation
In a disaster, the most common and trustworthy facility for business 'resumption' is the utilization of remote copy (also referred to as remote data mirroring).
For their part, these authorities are requesting the 'resumption' of their colonial administrative functions and links with the state, particularly in order to receive salaries and official recognition of their power.
A 'resumption' of profitable use would not be possible until the civil war came to an end.
He was replaced as chancellor after Richard's 'resumption' of authority in 1389, but again held the office from 1391 until he was translated to Canterbury in 1396.
If possible, wait for rain and 'resumption' of active weed growth before applying Lightning.
She returned, first suing for the right to see her son and sometime after for 'resumption' of custody.
The 'resumption' of amicable commercial relations was also matched by cultural and artistic transactions.
The Philippine government said Friday it is about to sign a new aviation agreement paving the way for 'resumption' of direct commercial flights between Manila and Taipei.
A poll released last year by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper indicates that few Japanese in their 20s have even tasted whale; nearly 60 percent of those polled oppose any 'resumption' of commercial whaling.
no decision was made for a 'resumption' of diplomatic relations
True to the principles of fine theatre, the Moriarty Tribunal has left its audience in keen anticipation ahead of its scheduled 'resumption' on Thursday.
The 'resumption' of the religious wars led to the siege of Larochelle in 1629 and to the death of 80 percent of the reformed residents.
Flannery sees this sequence over and over again, from the original 'resumption' of life after the asteroid, through various migrations after other cataclysmic changes, to the successive waves of humans.
with peace came the 'resumption' of foreign imports
Coincident with Jefferson's 'resumption' of public office, George Washington once again became a private citizen and had time to devote to his own fields.
Sources close to the commission warned yesterday that any 'resumption' of work on the sites had to be handled with the utmost sensitivity as it was imperative the hopes of bereaved families were not falsely raised.
The return to peace saw a swift 'resumption' of car production, which was then hit by the immediate post-war slump.
the 'resumption' of royal lands
The end of the depression in 1878 and the government's 'resumption' of specie payments (the gold standard) in 1879 had sapped the party's fortunes.
After the peace of Amiens and the subsequent 'resumption' of war against Napoleon the Whigs formed a coalition with the group led by Lord Grenville, but their conservatism meant that Grey had to give up active support of reform.
His 'resumption' of his Tokyo lifestyle in America is a question of choice.
There will be no 'resumption' of the work of the committee until some time late in 2004 at the earliest.
Sourav, Inzamam urge resumption of India-Pakistan series
Bodos demand resumption of tripartite talks
Trump meets Palestine President, urges resumption of peace talks
Israel welcomes US delegation for peace talks resumption
US judge rejects Trump bid to end DACA, orders resumption
Modi calls for resumption of political process in Maldives
Amit Shah assures of early resumption of mining in Goa
Tea gardens' plea for advancing resumption dates rejected
PM likely to meet Goa delegation over mining resumption
No assurance from Centre on mining resumption: Goa Minister
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