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पुन: संयोजन
the three friends reunited in 1959
come together or cause to come together again after a period of separation or disunity.
translation of 'reuniting'
मंडली करना,
सम्मिलन करना,
पुनर्मिलन करना
The party has always accommodated a broad range of political views, bound together by the central aim of 'reuniting' the country.
After liberation, she made her way to England, finally 'reuniting' with her children in 1946.
When we're together it's like long lost siblings 'reuniting' , especially for me and Brandon.
They had talked all night chatting like old friends 'reuniting' after 10 years apart.
Council officials have been left with their tails between their legs after claiming they were ‘duped’ into 'reuniting' a woman and her pet dog.
Many fans hoped for a fairytale resolution to Kahn's crisis, 'reuniting' a father with his children.
He'll overcome his personal traumas by simply 'reuniting' with his wife.
For many, 'reuniting' with wives and children is the next difficult and emotional task.
The backing of the throne had an image of him 'reuniting' the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Kemet.
Nobody ever accused him of delaying the end of the Warring States Period in his attempts to stop the Qin Kingdom from 'reuniting' the whole country.
This charming and affecting sequel, 'reuniting' the characters after nine years, gives us the answer.
Blessings on the internet, and the way it 'reunites' friends hourly.
We came here not just to be 'reunited' with friends but to pay our respects to soldiers like him.
His new film, House of Flying Daggers, is another martial arts period piece, and 'reunites' the director with his ‘Hero’ star, Ziyi Zhang.
This is typically what happens when friends 'reunite' after several years.
Some users even 'reunite' with old friends while others have found the love of their life.
A group of friends 'reunites' in a New Hampshire cottage to reconnect and remember.
North and South Korea have agreed to resume a program which 'reunites' families separated for more than 50 years by their civil war.
Tears of joy were flowing as three great army friends were 'reunited' after more than 50 years apart.
Across the country, email in-trays piled up with stories of near misses and friends 'reunited' .
Adam Sandler is up for reuniting with Drew Barrymore in a film
Annup Sonii on reuniting with NSD pals on 'Tandav' set
Amrita Puri on reuniting with Amit Sadh in 'Jeet Ki Zid'
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