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Brenda was forced to reveal Robbie's whereabouts
make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.
a revealing radio interview
making interesting or significant information known, especially about a person's attitude or character.
translation of 'revealing'
प्रकट करना,
प्रकट कर देना,
प्रत्यक्ष करना,
प्रकाशित करना
Is this your most personal and 'revealing' film?
The implications of political apathy and cowardice are all the more significant for these 'revealing' admissions.
We all express astonishment at how the women can withstand the near zero temperatures dressed in small, 'revealing' tops.
Equally 'revealing' is Lung's denial that he made Lucy a drunkard.
Warren noticed she wore the same 'revealing' black dress she had on the previous night and guessed that maybe she was going out once again for her nightly stroll.
Passing a few girls on the way there, she seemed to be dressed the most classic, other girls wearing much more modern and 'revealing' dresses.
The room door hissed and Crystal entered, dressed in a rather 'revealing' skirt that didn't look at all appropriate to a combat training assignment.
If my predictions were true, Lorraine would be wearing a very 'revealing' scarlet red dress, showing off her cleavage and long legs.
There were two other girls in equally 'revealing' outfits.
Too many people, though - many of them female - still seem to think that a woman demeans herself when she wears a 'revealing' dress.
What we find here is flagrant spin, a 'revealing' glimpse into the sympathies of the reporter.
Obviously I look much hotter than that now and wear more 'revealing' clothing.
What's even more 'revealing' is how the elite has come to see itself as ethically flawed.
She always seems to find a place in Georgia to find tight 'revealing' clothes.
In the end I can't say I lived with McGee but I did gain a 'revealing' insight into his life.
I should really have got her to stand behind me, in a 'revealing' dress, rubbing my shoulders.
Women wearing 'revealing' dress and the desperate looks associated with drug addiction can be spotted in front, usually at night, but often in broad daylight.
Aside from the 'revealing' personal anecdotes, we learn something of what it was like to be a visiting fellow at the Center for Public Choice.
Some wore rather 'revealing' clothing, making Kyra wonder whether they sold their bodies for money.
Since the shah and his queen kept separate bedrooms, this is a 'revealing' detail.
Now let us turn to a more philosophical but equally 'revealing' look at these matters.
In this case too, sources outside official histories have proved to be particularly 'revealing' .
The way someone says ‘no’ often can be more 'revealing' than the actual information requested.
She's wearing a 'revealing' evening dress and proceeds to drape herself over various parts of the car's anatomy.
Check out the transcript of this very 'revealing' interview on the Crikey website here.
Anyway, I've never worn very 'revealing' clothes because of my insecurity issue.
Looking down the street Mother saw Mrs. V.'s daughter Annie walking toward them in a shockingly 'revealing' dress for the 1940s.
Torn and 'revealing' black clothing made her fair skin and mahogany eyes stand out dramatically.
Her rather 'revealing' history lesson was cut short at the sharp protestations of the door as it was pushed open.
Their classmates, club regulars, arrive around 8:30, wearing even tighter and more 'revealing' outfits.
Evan Rachel Wood quits social media after revealing she was raped
Lena Dunham shares revealing before, after images
Raje slams Rahul Gandhi for not revealing his father's 'gotra'
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