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the engineer who supervised the work was rewarded with a bonus
make a gift of something to (someone) in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements.
skiing can be hugely rewarding
providing satisfaction; gratifying.
translation of 'rewarding'
प्रतिफल देने वाला
It tends to be a 'rewarding' experience, too, for he radiates positive energy.
We promise a rich, fulfilling and 'rewarding' experience for those who visit Fun Republic.
it's very 'rewarding' to see them develop
I don't doubt for a moment that it will be a 'rewarding' experience.
I had such a 'rewarding' and fulfilling experience and loved the children.
As always, the social side of the event will be a key factor in ensuring that visitors to the region have a 'rewarding' holiday experience.
It's been very demanding and has taken a lot of my time but it has been very 'rewarding' and particularly satisfying.
This is a most satisfying and 'rewarding' way to pass an evening and you'd be helping someone achieve his goals too.
the other roles weren't as 'rewarding'
It has been an interesting and 'rewarding' experience and one which I believe has been of benefit to all concerned.
A visit to the Chapel of Adoration in Abbeyleix last week was a unique and 'rewarding' experience.
The fact is that it can be, and mostly is, a remarkably 'rewarding' and fulfilling experience, for both sides.
This is a complex exhibition, but persevere and you are in for a 'rewarding' and enriching experience.
There are techniques that you can utilize, to make your visit to the grocery store a more 'rewarding' experience.
it was a very 'rewarding' experience
Informal social relations may offer significant and 'rewarding' benefits to individuals.
Flight Lieutenant Batic said after a very satisfying and 'rewarding' flying career, he opted for a whole new challenge.
we look forward to a very 'rewarding' relationship with them
He thinks it is just as important to give his pupils a rich and 'rewarding' experience during their six or seven years at the school.
Do you think that architecture can offer a 'rewarding' haptic experience?
she was offered a more financially 'rewarding' job
All those participating have found it a 'rewarding' and enriching experience.
Developing and running this game has been a 'rewarding' and enriching experience.
This has been a quite fantastically 'rewarding' experience.
Not content with simply having a restful and 'rewarding' experience, I was still curious to find out just how good I was.
Such scale-warps are part and parcel of island life and nowhere in England (if Cornwall counts as England) can you dip more completely, more 'rewardingly' , into island life than in the Scillies.
For most visitors, however, it is enough to enjoy the soothing, and 'rewardingly' aesthetic, experience of Hyderabad's little known Paigah tombs.
In spite of its length (over two and a half hours) and occasional flights of fancy, it has a 'rewardingly' esoteric heart.
When I began writing this column in September 1997, I said I hoped it would amount to a sharing of problems and solutions with Saga readers, and so, 'rewardingly' , it sometimes turns out to be.
These lucid scientific interjections compensate 'rewardingly' for the book's relatively weak cultural sense.
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