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when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh
deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.
translation of 'ridiculous'
उपहास के योग्य
The traffic jams are now so 'ridiculous' I wonder why I bother trying to get to work in the first place.
Like all the best comedians, Jethro takes real life and makes it seem 'ridiculous' .
Just as he has the right to ask for a 'ridiculous' rent increase, you have the right to fight it.
Is it just me or are others finding this practice 'ridiculous' and just a little shady?
Be in no doubt that we appreciate how 'ridiculous' this whole episode must look.
The increase in costs will result in a doubling of our charges, which is totally 'ridiculous' .
It is 'ridiculous' to demand that we should give asylum to those who plot the destruction of our society.
The discussion about everything else we should be blaming and banning is just 'ridiculous' .
Plans to name a street in a Bradford village after an exotic pink bird have been branded 'ridiculous' .
They try to step into their old shoes and into their old clothes, and they look faintly 'ridiculous' .
It's 'ridiculous' that such a beautiful landmark should be closed off for so long.
The council says that the law does not allow it to play such a role, which is 'ridiculous' .
It is extraordinary the number of people who say to me it is 'ridiculous' that players should be paid so much.
The 'ridiculous' part is that had he not applied for a grant, he would not have had to apply for permission.
I told her that one of my best friends at the time had a crush on her and she just laughed and thought it was 'ridiculous' .
We thought it was 'ridiculous' that someone so young who had just come out of basic training was sent there.
The idea that smokers take more paid breaks than non-smokers at work is 'ridiculous' .
In this day and age you wouldn't expect it to happen once - but three times is 'ridiculous' .
Why are we not aware of the 'ridiculous' amounts spent on such white elephants?
I am sick of hearing the 'ridiculous' arguments about civil liberties and tradition.
He forced us to face the cruelty of fate and the 'ridiculousness' of life, sometimes in the same 30-second song.
Phone Booth is one of those loony concept movies that is so implausible, so unbelievable, that it actually manages to work despite its 'ridiculousness' .
Curry plays Arthur as a mildly world-weary but genial uncle figure, perplexed but beamingly amused by the 'ridiculousness' of the situation he finds himself in.
He captures the spirit of whimsy that informs the text, without losing sight of serious themes such as the 'ridiculousness' of intellectual pretention or the horrors of old age.
If you ask me, all the best stunts were pulled off by Charlie Chaplin, and they rarely even used camera angles to accentuate their 'ridiculousness' .
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