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ridiculously, I felt like crying
so as to invite mockery or derision; absurdly.
translation of 'ridiculously'
हास्यास्पद रूप से,
बेढ़ंगेपन से
What made me even more suspicious was that it was so 'ridiculously' easy to track him down.
'ridiculously', I felt like crying
The movie is just so 'ridiculously' pop it's almost impossible to dislike.
Of course, every major point Wells made in that book has been shown to be totally, 'ridiculously' wrong.
True, troops did not experience the open-armed welcome that so many 'ridiculously' anticipated.
He is most certainly not a vampire, which is a 'ridiculously' preposterous claim.
My perception is that many people feel that the adoption process in this country is 'ridiculously' ponderous if not downright laughable.
Scolari went even further when he refused to watch the team's games, 'ridiculously' claiming they took place too far away from Lisbon.
Ultimately, it ended up exceeding the expectations of all but the most 'ridiculously' optimistic.
You could also tell her she is being 'ridiculously' unreasonable and that you're going to find a place of your own.
This World Cup started as it was to end - with a risible penalty from a 'ridiculously' coiffured superstar.
Of course, one reason why they might need training is that the system sounds 'ridiculously' complex.
It's a shocking record for a club that 'ridiculously' claims to be the Manchester United of Australian sport.
it had been 'ridiculously' easy to track him down
Filled with the typical wit a character like his should be infused with by law, Soren is incredibly loveable and 'ridiculously' funny.
When they did offer any kind of internet access it was extremely limited and 'ridiculously' pricey.
In the coastal West, a winter vegetable garden is not only possible, but 'ridiculously' easy.
We did that a couple of Saturdays ago when we put on the most 'ridiculously' illogical bet.
For the best part of a year David Beckham has been trying to decide if he wants to be an extremely rich young man or a fabulously, 'ridiculously' wealthy young man.
So we either stop setting the goals or make resolutions that are 'ridiculously' easy to keep.
it had been 'ridiculously' easy to track him down
They were 'ridiculously' happy and completely unaware of everything surrounding them.
It's disturbing, it's weird, it's 'ridiculously' catchy and it's completely insane.
We are the laughing stock of Europe with our 'ridiculously' high prices for everything and our stupid infantile government.
She included some 'ridiculously' complex instructions for how to do so, and sent me on my merry way.
Not only are they horrendously expensive, but they are 'ridiculously' easy to come by and are designed to encourage us all to spend more.
Johnson onstage was somewhat less 'ridiculously' clad, but his musical taste is as questionable as his fashion sense.
The Irish health service has been 'ridiculously' amateurish in its entire approach to the threat posed by SARS.
Somewhat less 'ridiculously' , O'Neill claims that expecting Miller to be the saviour is preposterous.
'ridiculously', I felt like crying
Virat Kohli - one who makes steep run-chases look ridiculously easy
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