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Police raided the ringleader 's business and confiscated 35 stolen laptops and 20 PDAs.
a person who initiates or leads an illicit or illegal activity.
translation of 'ringleader'
दुष्टों या बागियों का मुखिया,
The alleged 'ringleader' of a gang of Internet copyright pirates was back in jail last night after US authorities won the latest round in their battle to extradite him from Australia on multi-million dollar software piracy charges.
The 'ringleader' was sentenced to eight years in prison.
Though the others may have been part of this plot, she is clearly the 'ringleader' .
Yesterday an American man admitted to being the 'ringleader' in a $2 million counterfeiting ring - he faces a maximum of seven years in jail when sentenced on January 31.
Police raided the 'ringleader' 's business and confiscated 35 stolen laptops and 20 PDAs.
The 'ringleader' is a former armed robber originally from the North and has served two prison sentences.
Australian police have charged the alleged 'ringleader' of a massive advance fee fraud network with offences which they claim were committed since he was held on remand in October last year.
They arrested one or two of the 'ringleaders' , but no one wanted to give evidence and they were released on bail.
The 'ringleaders' remain at large, and their exact motives remain unclear.
Twenty-five prisoners, thought to be the 'ringleaders' of a hunger strike caused by appalling food, were confined to a punitive boiler room whose temperature could go up to 200 degrees.
The 'ringleaders' of the Council were rounded up in a joint effort between the French government and the British Royal Navy.
The 'ringleaders' , who have already been through an eight and a half month trial, now face further court action to confiscate some of the millions that they are believed to have made.
And the music industry is about to crack down on the biggest file-sharing 'ringleaders' .
Thereafter only mopping-up operations remained in Spain; a mutiny in his army was quelled, and the 'ringleaders' executed.
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