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कर्मकांडी या कर्मकांडवादी का
There is a short feature on the difference between voodoo and hoodoo, which illuminates how one is an organized religion, and the other is a 'ritualistic' practice of magic.
There are tears in his eyes, as though this is some sort of 'ritualistic' experience for him.
The ancient Maya were imagined as a prehistoric, mysterious, 'ritualistic' cult, ineluctably estranged from European historical and philosophical systems.
Because of this the martial disciplines are linked with a fixed set up of 'ritualistic' procedures and are often performed within a monastic and rigid code of conduct.
The story has a tribal storyteller style to it and is almost 'ritualistic' in places - what prompted this?
Sculptures, a sarcophagus, jewellery, furniture, 'ritualistic' objects and tableware from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East and the European Dark Ages will be available for sale.
Besides these formal organizations, Filipinos gather with others from their province for 'ritualistic' and religious ceremonies and festivals.
It previously would take place with beautiful traditional ceremonies and secret 'ritualistic' sacrifices to the ancestors.
The City was enmeshed in 'ritualistic' and religious concepts.
Of the endless variety of 'ritualistic' folk dances, many have magical significance and are connected with ancient cults.
Designed for specific, often 'ritualistic' uses in a traditional culture, these objects are prized as fine works of art by Western collectors, galleries and museums.
In India, the great 12 th-century poet-mystic Basava, who rebelled against 'ritualistic' and superstitious temple worship and caste system, was a critical insider.
Every detail of life here is 'ritualistic' , spiritual, and imbued with meaning, even the empty rooms of Marie's house.
The poet's 'ritualistic' performance, however, does not simply imitate a traditional daily Mass.
Ukrainians are 'ritualistic' and religious in their funeral rites as well.
Catholicism is the most 'ritualistic' of America's major religions, but viewers saw little of the power in this ritual.
I'm sure more experienced 'ritualists' can come up with something more complex and just as effective.
The Protestant Reformation in England brought a rejection of some of the 'ritualism' of the Roman Catholic Church.
The 1661 Prayer Book roughly followed 1559, and was uniformly used until the 20th cent., though Anglo-catholic 'ritualists' often illegally used Tridentine rites in English.
These people concerned themselves primarily with defending their standpoint and attempting to refute what they saw as the absurd claims and practices of both 'ritualists' and non-materialists alike.
Eventually the use of the body, 'ritualism' , masquerade, and the shrine-like aura in non-Western religious and art practices found their way into conceptual art.
Perhaps he misjudged his audience, who had just sat through complete darkness and 'ritualistically' lit candles fairly enthusiastically.
He refused to be drawn into the 'ritualism' which for many was the natural consequence of the Oxford movement, but supported the revival of Anglican monastic life, particularly for women.
But most expressed their sorrow 'ritualistically' , and so it is to these rituals we must look if we wish to discover who they were and how they really felt about matters of life and death.
The community believes in performing good deeds, which are more than worship, and good worship is a matter of the heart and not of formal 'ritualism' .
Now, don't misunderstand me: We need 'ritualists' and liturgists who can preserve the outer forms of our religion, and re-invent them as time goes by, so that we neither lose our traditional roots nor become mired in them.
The stage is 'ritualistically' transformed by the presence of a shrine and offerings to the gods on one corner of the stage, and by the performance of the opening item, usually referred to in programs as ‘an invocatory item’.
Our class decided that when it comes to food, we behave most 'ritualistically' with breakfast.
In addition, Protestantism, with its emphasis on ‘godly’ preaching and Bible study, was an academic creed, unattractive to illiterate villagers steeped in the oral traditions and symbolic 'ritualism' of medieval England.
These remains document an extravagant 'ritualism' and outspoken insistence on the nobles' political dignity.
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