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आनंद मचानेवाला
Just ask all those giddy people who rollicked through the nation's capital last week.
act or behave in a jovial and exuberant fashion.
You need someone who will hand out rollockings , pull people about and get them into shape.
a severe reprimand.
good rollicking fun
exuberantly lively and amusing.
translation of 'rollicking'
मौज उड़ानेवाला,
आनंद मचानेवाला
With mocking, 'rollicking' , sigh-streaked guffaws, his film ignites that inward turning, perhaps into directions he did not visualise.
I've had a bit of a 'rollicking' for not riding with more restraint
One would've had more 'rollicking' good fun in an evening of prayers for the dead.
Real estate developers and students will have a 'rollicking' time.
Sunday's closing gala cabaret promises to be a 'rollicking' affair.
For the $10 admission, participants will get an evening of 'rollicking' entertainment and a chance to win prizes in bingo-themed contests and games.
After his average form over the past two years, the protracted histrionics of his exit, and this latest tell-all tome, most fans view him simply as a narcissistic cry-baby who couldn't even take a 'rollicking' from his own manager.
It is a 'rollicking' number, I will admit that much, but it lacks either the inspiration or the desire to sound at all unique.
That is the beginning of a 'rollicking' adventure that involves a blacksmith's assistant, a straight laced lieutenant and a chest of Aztec gold.
The 'rollicking' rock moment sounds like it could have been lifted straight from the his songbook and screams ‘hit.’
The song is a non-stop 'rollicking' hardcore fiasco with a fantastic poppy sing-a-long chorus.
They have a very tight 'rollicking' sound that will appeal to listeners.
A group of lumberjacks supply a light, Broadway-like component of the piece, with 'rollicking' ensemble scenes.
A break from the 'rollicking' pastorals of the first four tracks, it serves as the album's star-gazing intermission; from here, it moves towards a safer indie-pop sound.
But, overall, this is 'rollicking' good fun and a genuinely thrilling entry into the movie series which does much to erase any doubts that their finest had lost his edge.
Sadly, the pace slows down considerably at the one-hour mark, and the film has a hard time recovering the sense of 'rollicking' adventure supplied by the first half.
I got the 'rollicking' of my life; I just wanted to bury my head and die!
This wonderfully-illustrated edition of the poem, which is rarely reproduced in its entirety, begins in hushed suspense, and then builds into a dramatic crescendo as the 'rollicking' verses usher in the mysterious midnight visitor.
The sort of 'rollicking' adventure mini-series that only ever gets screened during the holidays and may entertain the kids for a couple of hours.
The album occupies three basic spaces: sparse and mournful, prickly and lush, and 'rollicking' , but no two songs that might fit into any of the three categories sound the same.
The sun shone through the trees and leaves and cast a plethora of 'rollicking' leaf shadows upon the ground.
The winners were announced at the end, but the prizes didn't matter when everyone had had such a 'rollicking' time.
His new show got off to a 'rollicking' start last Friday.
Then, when he was just 15, I took him to a very tough under-18 tournament in Italy, pushed him through the mangle, gave him a right old 'rollocking' on one occasion, and he responded by forcing me to eat my words.
You clearly get a bit down after games like that, when you get a deserved 'rollocking' off the gaffer.
Does it take a half time 'rollocking' to ignite some passion?
The heartbeat accelerates and gives you a surge of self-confident energy that may be needed to face that 'rollocking' from the boss or to win over the next skeptical customer.
Since the manager gave us a 'rollocking' at half time, which we deserved, we have improved and we can only get better.
When a 'rollocking' was expected he just stood there, apparently close to tears.
There'll be some 'rollickings' administered at half-time in both dressing rooms, methinks.
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