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an altar for sacrificial offerings
of, relating to, or constituting a sacrifice.
translation of 'sacrificial '
यज्ञ सम्बन्धी,
बलिदान विषयक
The Hebrew for one of the many 'sacrificial' offering is chatot, from the same root as the word chait.
In four messages he opened up the magnificent theme of 'sacrificial' worship from the anointing of Jesus in Mark 14.
At the top were the Brahmans, priests of the 'sacrificial' religion and intellectuals.
It does not come from recitation of hymns, 'sacrificial' worship or a hundred fasts.
For instance, an Attic red-figure krater with a 'sacrificial' scene features a votive tablet on a column next to the altar.
Ancient rituals have been revived, 'sacrificial' altars rebuilt and lunar patterns observed with increasing attention.
Natural nacre also benefits from so-called 'sacrificial' ionic bonds between proteins, which break under stress but can reform.
There is a dialogue between Yama and the boy about the primordial Fire and 'sacrificial' rituals to attain to heavenly life.
Part of the ritual of 'sacrificial' offering required pouring out water on the altar.
Because magnesium is very reactive, it is used as a 'sacrificial' anode (a substance designed to be oxidized first, thus protecting other metals) for the hulls of ships and in underground pipelines
In the early church, Christ was seen as the ransom for sin, the 'sacrificial' lamb and the model of the life in God.
Perhaps the reason now is that they were still carrying out their priestly duties and were about to eat a 'sacrificial' meal.
Christ's role as the Justifier takes primacy over that of Christ as Second Adam or the 'sacrificial' lamb of the atonement.
She gives a lengthy description of the boy's relationship to his family and his inner responses to the bloody 'sacrificial' rites.
Plead forgiveness on the basis of the 'sacrificial' death of God's Son for sinners.
Spices were used as incense for the 'sacrificial' offerings, which in our time is represented by Tefillah, prayer.
We were also expecting to hear about how Moses sealed our covenant with God in the blood of 'sacrificial' animals.
The Vedic religion with its 'sacrificial' rites began to wane and other religions began to replace it.
His was a vicarious death, both 'sacrificial' (for sin) and substitutionary (for the sinner).
Buddha challenged the Vedic practice of rigid 'sacrificial' rituals and the practice of caste systems.
Jesus, in the Old Covenant, your people were sanctified by being sprinkled with the blood of 'sacrificial' animals.
Judaism and paganism both practiced the pouring of 'sacrificial' libations of both blood and wine.
A 2.75 - in.-thick latex layer of concrete is placed on top to act as a short-term 'sacrificial' layer that soaks up winter road salts and chemicals.
It apprehends his life of perfect obedience and his 'sacrificial' death on Calvary as the spotless Lamb.
Or the wife may 'sacrificially' decide that giving her body with joy to her husband is more important than those few minutes of slumber.
For the past sixteen years Charlene has remained constantly at her daughter's side and has 'sacrificially' devoted herself to being the best mother that she could be to Carla.
Robert Emmett was a republican hero of the early 19th century who had 'sacrificially' martyred himself for Ireland's cause.
Following Christ's example, Evangelicals will seek to live 'sacrificially' .
'Sacrificial' carbon anodes have been used in aluminum production since the process was invented in 1886.
Similarly, the medieval age of courtly love would have understood the notion of Christ the lover offering himself 'sacrificially' , as seen in the relationship between Abelard and Heloise.
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