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only two treatments have been sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration
give official permission or approval for (an action).
As a result, more and more medical societies have begun to sanction members with penalties like suspension or revocation of their society membership.
impose a sanction or penalty on.
a range of sanctions aimed at deterring insider abuse
a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.
he appealed to the bishop for his sanction
official permission or approval for an action.
translation of 'sanction'
आज्ञा देना,
दृढ़ करना,
अधिकृत करना
The Plan 'sanction' should have been approved by the BDA.
Furthermore, the court may 'sanction' treatment that will shorten the life of a terminally ill child, in order to relieve suffering.
This principle usually gives a clear answer: doctors may be authorised by the court to treat a child if a parent refuses to 'sanction' treatment that is clearly necessary for that child's welfare.
As a result, more and more medical societies have begun to 'sanction' members with penalties like suspension or revocation of their society membership.
In the case of the South Australian Tribunal, my understanding, your Honour, is that it does not have a power to impose any direct 'sanction' .
Her mother had sought court 'sanction' for the operation to stop her daughter's periods and prevent her from getting pregnant.
The imposition of such a 'sanction' is punishment.
He gives 'sanction' to his 10,000 figure by saying it might underestimate the annual trafficking in sex slaves.
Similarly, unlike many of their continental European neighbours, the English clung to corporal punishment as a penal 'sanction' until well into the twentieth century.
The problem is that religion provides an ultimate 'sanction' for your actions.
A Teagasc spokesman said its board had sanctioned a proposed increase in fees but this requires ministerial 'sanction' , which is in the process of being sought.
However, the travellers who have caravans parked there have been given official 'sanction' of sorts by being allowed to purchase annual residents parking permits from the Borough Council.
The Siptu national industrial secretary yesterday said the union had already secured 'sanction' from its members for industrial action from tomorrow.
In such circumstances the 'sanction' , or the threat of it, may not in practice be effective.
The ancients also used oracles to obtain 'sanction' or approval, even though they had already decided on their course of action.
They have urged Laois County Council to seek the immediate 'sanction' of the National Roads Authority for the re-commencement of road words at Park, Stradbally.
The matters for consideration at this stage concern the jurisdiction of the court to 'sanction' the scheme if it proceeds.
In Newcastle, doctors sought legal 'sanction' to treat a baby with a severe facial deformity against the wishes of her parents.
Community pressure remains in practice the only real 'sanction' for enforcing compliance with arbitral awards, or with judgments of the ICJ or other international tribunals.
It has now sought 'sanction' for running a coffee/tea vending outlet within the hospital to generate some revenue.
But the Directive leaves open the powers to the prosecution and 'sanction' to the interpretation of individual states.
Montréal 2006 says the Games will go on with or without FGG 'sanction' , who in turn say they will move the official Games to Atlanta.
Planning had been got and 'sanction' for funding the housing element of the project had just been announced by the Dept of the Environment.
Moreover, the actions of individuals who repeat rather than question, watch out for, punish, and 'sanction' transgressions, lend these norms their strength.
It should be noted that neither Students for Life nor Muslim Students for Universal Justice, have, to my knowledge, demanded approval or official 'sanction' for their principles.
Hume makes no attempt to connect morals with religion, no doubt because he saw that morals cannot be grounded on any form of authority, however powerful, though religious belief may operate as a 'sanction' through its effect on the passions.
With 'sanction' being sought from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions for an all-out picket, the LRC has again stepped in to mediate in the dispute.
Governing bodies are allowed to 'sanction' owners and teams.
The 'sanction' of the proposed union by official state-appointed authorities is still a prominent feature of marriages.
That's a separate question from the issue of whether or not government should 'sanction' , or approve or give some sort of authorization, if you will, to these relationships.
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