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Access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation , especially in the rural countryside, is limited.
conditions relating to public health, especially the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal.
translation of 'sanitation'
गंदे नाले,
Clean water, 'sanitation' and health education are seen as the greatest needs.
At this point, the lack of clean drinking water and 'sanitation' is the main threat.
Access to clean drinking water and 'sanitation' alone would save nearly two million lives each year and prevent half a billion diseases annually.
Health and 'sanitation' is a reliable indicator of the level of progress a particular society makes in various sectors.
Close living conditions, poor 'sanitation' , and lack of medical facilities has led to an increase of communicable diseases.
they could afford to erect new dwellings with a reasonable standard of construction and 'sanitation'
With little access to clean drinking water and 'sanitation' , the inhabitants face a constant threat of disease.
Many communities still suffer from lack of clean drinking water and 'sanitation' .
It was not just the developing countries with their large populations and lack of adequate 'sanitation' that wanted a solution to the problem of malaria.
A total of 2.4 billion people currently lack adequate 'sanitation' facilities.
Food habit, clean drinking water and proper 'sanitation' hold the key to preserving the health of the people.
The Infection Control department reviewed interim plans to ensure cleaning and 'sanitation' standards could be maintained.
The disease is common in developing countries lacking adequate sewage and 'sanitation' facilities.
In the absence of adequate medical services, congestion and poor 'sanitation' may cause health hazards.
They are generally living in older areas of modern cities, which are well known for poor 'sanitation' , lack of health facilities and basic amenities.
Different groups had varying standards of health and 'sanitation' .
Apart from ensuring health, hygiene and 'sanitation' , the army is focussing on the psychological rehabilitation of the survivors.
Moreover to maintain the men's health and strength, 'sanitation' and cleanliness were made matters of regulation.
The United Nations estimates that 1.1 billion people have no access to fresh water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate 'sanitation' .
Access to clean drinking water and adequate 'sanitation' , especially in the rural countryside, is limited.
Most epidemics are caused by lack of proper 'sanitation' and safe drinking water.
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