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I have never been satisfied with my job
meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone).
Fleischer's performance was consummately musical and deeply satisfying
giving fulfillment or the pleasure associated with this.
translation of 'satisfying '
ख़ुशी लानेवाला,
Ward knelt and flicked the latches on his guitar case with two 'satisfying' clicks.
Perhaps that's why putting this issue together was such a deeply 'satisfying' labor of love.
Setting up you own business can be very 'satisfying' and fulfilling, but it can be very lonely and isolating and is very hard work.
The resulting education is intense, engaged, and immensely 'satisfying' and enjoyable.
Yet somehow the film's many parts never manage to cohere into a 'satisfying' whole.
Some surprising but immensely 'satisfying' articles reflect Engel's reach.
Rich, elegant, fragrant and mystical, it provides a most 'satisfying' dining experience.
What emerges most of all from this thoroughly 'satisfying' book, however, is the tragedy of our own ignorance about early American responses to the landscape.
For those who like to ponder weighty questions, this portion of the book will be an intellectually 'satisfying' read.
Fluffy, creamy and brimming with shrimp flavour, it's one of those 'satisfying' crowd-pleasers.
The parade of cardboard characters with implausible motives makes for a less than 'satisfying' read.
Tomorrow we're heading to the Tate Modern, which is always a far more 'satisfying' experience.
What was most 'satisfying' was the back and forth with the audience after the screenings.
Raw food is much more nutritious than cooked food, and is more 'satisfying' in smaller quantities.
Being artsy, it appears, takes precedence over being 'satisfying' .
To try to single out a recent painting as being particularly 'satisfying' is difficult.
Save a few false notes and overlong lyrical passages, he has produced a wholly 'satisfying' novel.
The key to a successful revenge film is a viscerally 'satisfying' ending.
The film is able to capture the essence of the story, but cannot find the subtle nuances that made the book such a 'satisfying' read.
Volunteering and helping people in need can be both 'satisfying' and fulfilling.
When shooting, the camera is 'satisfyingly' responsive, with quick autofocus and minimal shutter delay.
Spicy and aromatic, the chicken was wonderfully tender and flavourful, and the rice was just amazing - 'satisfyingly' clumpy and deeply imbued with rich ginger flavour.
Pepys's 1665 diary entries about the appearance of the black plague in London are a key element in a story that is very much of the present while rooted most 'satisfyingly' and believably in the past.
In this high-tech age ballooning is 'satisfyingly' old-fashioned, though it has come a long way since the first balloon attempts of the 18th century.
Strawberry shortcake consists of a 'satisfyingly' buttery sweet biscuit topped with fresh berries and tangy strawberry sauce.
Life can't be more satisfying: 'Baahubali' VFX supervisor
Gratifying, relieving, satisfying: Hugh Jackman bids bye to 'X-Men' franchise
Taapsee wraps 'Mulk', says it was satisfying
'Journalism was like instant coffee, writing books is satisfying, self-discovery'
'Rambo 5' ends franchise on satisfying note: Director
Karuna Pandey: I've had a satisfying career on TV
Satisfying to score century in England-like conditions: Dhawan
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