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Mother told me he was a schoolteacher but not a teacher at my school!
a person who teaches in a school.
translation of 'schoolteacher'
स्कूल अध्यापक,
स्कूल शिक्षक
Mother told me he was a 'schoolteacher' but not a teacher at my school!
He was educated mostly at home by his mother, a former 'schoolteacher' .
My mother was a 'schoolteacher' , and my father was a minister and a high school guidance counselor.
Pauline was formerly a registered nurse and registered midwife and later a secondary 'schoolteacher' .
Later, he put himself through college and became a 'schoolteacher' .
When Sputnik had first gone into orbit a 'schoolteacher' asked her second-graders to write some verse on the subject.
She said her mother had once been a 'schoolteacher' , so Susan was well educated and worldly as a child.
The trainee 'schoolteacher' was described as a very balanced person.
He finally abandoned academic qualifications and appointed a collection of pharmacists, country doctors, 'schoolteachers' , and governesses.
Though both women are professional adventurers and lecturers now, they started out as 'schoolteachers' , and their passion for teaching children, especially gifts, is still a key motivating factor for them.
Opposition MPs and education advocates are calling on the government to allow 'schoolteachers' and professors an exemption from copyright restrictions.
Parents may depend on 'schoolteachers' for discipline and use teachers' judgments - or those of priests - as part of their own approach to child training once children are of school age.
Then strange queries started trickling in - from professors, 'schoolteachers' , the World Health Organization.
Explicitly promising to do so would at least put them on a par with 'schoolteachers' , lawyers, and other professionals.
In sharp contrast to the men, a number of the unmarried women graduates who had stayed in 'schoolteaching' confessed to some anxiety about their economic circumstances.
This work influenced large numbers of 'schoolteachers' , educational researchers, and women's studies scholars.
She was a delightful conversationalist who enjoyed telling me something of life and 'schoolteaching' in Brittany under more normal conditions.
Following an attack of polio in 1924, she gave up 'schoolteaching' and produced the first full-length book of short stories based on the character she had previously written about for magazines.
A few of the informants were far more educated than others - 'schoolteachers' , for example - and their accounts reflect this.
This was the first watershed: 'schoolteaching' was left behind and he could now devote himself to music.
The years after 1870 saw an increasing number of low-paid, salaried, and professional people included in the middle class, notably 'schoolteachers' and clerks.
Many elementary 'schoolteachers' are women, but teachers in secondary schools and colleges and universities are more frequently men, even though the numbers of male and female students may be similar.
As we waited at the entrance, chafing under our cuffs, I chatted with some of the women with whom I'd been arrested: 'schoolteachers' , photographers, students.
There are sequences where additional narration would have contributed to the overall cohesion of the film, and sometimes it is unclear as to which adults are the 'schoolteachers' and which are the dance teachers.
We must make sure that the trainees recruited for 'schoolteaching' are quality trainees.
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