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It was through Laurent that I started writing screenplays for short films.
the script of a movie, including acting instructions and scene directions.
translation of 'screenplay'
चलचित्र का कथानक
This is a Shakespeare adaptation, not an original film with an adapted 'screenplay' .
Sofia Coppola earned an award for the 'screenplay' for her film Lost in Translation.
Any element of fright that may have been in the 'screenplay' is long gone in the final cut of the film.
You work without a 'screenplay' and the whole film rests on a long process of preparation.
I wrote an original 'screenplay' for a film which has the working title Personal Honour.
Almost as bad as the direction is the embarrassment of a 'screenplay' that tells us everything and shows us nothing.
If 'screenplays' are not literature they still use language, and are about visions.
When I was first becoming a screenwriter I was a journalist and I wrote my 'screenplays' at night and on weekends.
It's a combination one might expect from the man responsible for the 'screenplays' to the films Shadowlands and Gladiator.
He's currently working on 'screenplays' for film and television.
Since going online two weeks ago in the US, 800 'screenplays' and 450 short films have been posted.
Like most Neil Simon 'screenplays' , this is a film that is made or broken on the strength of the actors' performances.
He wrote the 'screenplays' for the Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin's early films, quite remarkable films.
After the failure of his novels, he wrote 'screenplays' in Hollywood for a few years.
It was through Laurent that I started writing 'screenplays' for short films.
He became much more than the sum total of his own films and 'screenplays' .
Each night, the citizens of Los Angeles commit atrocities on each other which rival the most violent 'screenplays' from the film studios a few miles away.
She spends hours writing 'screenplays' and acting out scenes with her army of cuddly animals toys.
Mamet has written the 'screenplays' for many commercial films on a for-hire basis.
During his time as a script reader he had the opportunity to read over 2000 'screenplays' in the space of two years.
'Blackmail' a brilliant screenplay: Big B (Movie Snippets)
Hope Kamal, Rajini worked out their political screenplays before taking plunge: Shatrughan Sinha
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